Tuesday, August 21, 2012

teasertuesday and the day of seconds.....

Monday was the Day of Firsts {and I'll admit that I was a bit worried about all the firsts that were happening for me and my girls} and now Tuesday will be the Day of Seconds.  It will be the second day of my new job, the second day of my Granddaughter's first year of Kindergarden and the second day my daughter works with me supervising the children at lunch. She's also taking charge of the "breakfast" program, where the young kinders all meet in the multipurpose room, have breakfast and stay all together waiting for their teachers.  40 children.  wow.  
The first day of school went extremely well.  My daughter says she was more upset and nervous than her daughter.  There was just one moment, when the other kids were saying good bye to their parents and walking in that my granddaughter almost broke down and said,"I don't want you to leave yet!".  So my daughter walked her inside the room, stayed for a few minutes, until things settled down and the kids had circle time then tiptoed out the room.  I'm so proud of my girls.  Then when we both saw the new kindergardner at lunchtime she was happily walking in line, waving to us with a big grin on her face, and just having the time of her life.  During recess she was helping kids find things and just having fun running around.  My daughter is my only daughter, and she has my first grandchild, who is also my only granddaughter - so it's kind of special - the only girl having the so far, only granddaughter.  I also have a grandson, from my middle son - which is pretty cool, because I now have one of each - granddaughter, grandson.  And it is soooo much fun having them in the family - they are also best cousins, behaving at times like best friends and frenemies and also like brother and sister.  They're pretty close right now.
My first day in the childcare program was so low key - so much easier than last year's job of running an afterschool homework program.  Of course, my pay is going to reflect this by being at least $2 an hour less, but I guess I should just be happy I'm working.
So yesterday - the Day of Firsts - went pretty smoothly.
and now - I'm going to go ahead and take part in Teaser Tuesday - which I wasn't sure I was going to do this week.

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading.  Of course, there should be NO spoilers, always note the author and title (or why bother, it's not supposed to be a mystery!) and tease each other with snippets from a book you've been reading.
I've been reading The Scorpio Races - started it, didn't get very far because I was in the middle of a few other novels, but this is the week I'm going to finish it - I can FEEL IT!  So I'm going to grab a few sentences and share them with you.

page 122

     Based upon my experience on the beach the day before, I form a new plan.  Brave high tide, with its possibility of water horses swimming up from the ocean, instead of riding later, at low tide, with its certainty of water horses menacing me on the beach.'
Interesting novel so far, told from a few points of few, present tense, yet all first person.  I like it.

Later, all!!!!

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