Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Painless by Naomi Clark - review

Naomi Clark
Urban Fantasy


Cover - I'm liking this cover.  it's mysterious, and I've always had a thing about eyes.  I love to draw eyes; love to look at eyes....not sure what that says about me, if anything.  *g*

I think I should have asked some more questions about this story/character of Naomi Clark before posting my review.  Painless is a short story about Theo Kane, a talented thief who feels no pain.  I want to know if there are more Theo Kane stories in the works, if there is a full length novel planned or already written, more about this world and the citizens in this particular setting.  I will ask about this soon - should have just looked some of this up, but I'm not the greatest researcher, preferring to just ASK.  I'm still a bit stuck in the pre-computer lifestyle, when people asked via letters or phone calls, and I haven't quite got into the habit of going directly to google to search for info.  Maybe someday, my first thought will be to look something up rather than wait to ask someone..... not there quite yet.  :)

You would think that feeling no pain at all would be a blessing, but it's one of those double edged sword type of blessings.  A blessing around a curse.  Because if you can't feel pain, then you're susceptible to over doing things, or not knowing when to stop.  Stop mouthing off, stop moving, just stop.

Theo Kane, the lead character, has just finished a "job".  Only now, the people she worked against are strongly suggesting she steal this item back.  Refusing would be very bad for her continued health.  So what follows is Theo's adventure in getting back the item she stole in the first place.  And it seems no one is being straight with her, she keeps finding out just a teeny bit more...

In short time Naomi Clark not only delivers some wonderfully snarky dialogue, but she creates a world without falling into the infodump black hole.  She gives just enough background to allow the story to unfold.  The story was short and sweet, adventerous with a couple of chuckles to round out the danger.  And I was left wanting more.  Which is what a short story should do - leave you feeling like you read a fun adventure, but also leave you wanting to know more about the world and character in this story.

Ms Clark is good at dialogue, narration and story.  I'm hoping for more about Theo Kane and the mysterious Launen- a people who have been segregated, and have a certain power.

Naomi Clark has written many stories - She is the author of Silver Kiss - a story with GLBT main characters (not just the usual gay side character) as well as other urban fantasy/horror stories.  Very interesting array of writing, everything that I've read, I've enjoyed. 

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