Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It Was My Birthday, Books Included

I have been gone way too long from the weekly meme posts, blogging etc.
No good excuses - a variety of reasons
Anyway, I'm going to try to get back in the swing o things.
A few books I've finished reading in the last few weeks...


It certainly feels like I've read more than that, but at the moment, these are all I can come up with and that's just by going over this folder I have with copies of book covers that I keep in my OCD way of keeping track of the books I own and the books I would like to own - if only temporily

This brings me to the second part of my post.  I recently had a birthday.  Which I only mention because of the surprise that my siblings, Aunt and Uncle, Mom and Stepdad orchestrated.  My Sis and her spouse, bro and wife, other bro and bro-in-law, Aunt/Uncle and Mom/stepdad all chipped in to by me a Kindle Fire.  We were talking about gadgets, and I had mentioned that the regular kindles weren't as fun sounding as the Kindle Fires because the fire was one you could have aps on, cruise the internet and read your books, etc.  Then I laughed and said - hey my birthday was coming up - there was at least five months to work on this....I really was joking and thought we all had a good laugh about it.  We rarely give big presents to each other, if at all in our family, because we're all adults and have children to focus on.  
I was so surprised when my brother comes over with the box and the card was signed (some by proxy) by 10 people. What a fun gift.
The first e-book I'm reading on it is Naomi Clark's Painless - a book I've been wanting to read for a long time, but have been putting it off because it's an e-book - so I had a good start on it today.  BTW - it's a good story.
Part of my birthday celebration was a trip to the bookstore with my honorary daughter. (one of my boy's ex's)  She treated me to a birthday book, and since my husband had given me a few dollars to buy a book or two, I was able to couple more books.
Birthday Books:
      <<--- (four books in one - omnibus)  

If I had been paying attention - I would have searched high and low for Stacia Kane's Chasing Magic - the fourth in the Downside series - LOVE that series.  But .....huge'll have to wait until I have a few more dollars.  But it's something to look forward to.
In the meantime - as I was scrolling through my O.C.D. file of book cover images, I noticed that I have quite a few books that I've collected just in this past year and I haven't read - or I've read and I haven't finished;either because I've misplaced them or I've just been in the mood for something else, and forgot to go back.  I am horrible at getting through my TBR pileS.   
After the bookstore trip - It was back to the house where my kids showed up and cooked steaks and swordfish.  My oldest son bought a swordfish steak - says he knows I like fish.   Now to be perfectly honest, I don't really like a lot of fish.  I like Halibut, Tuna and Salmon.  That's about it.  But I thought - what the hell, just try it.  So my middle son whipped up a concoction of tangerine juice (no lemons), marjoram, garlic and balsalmic vinegar and threw that puppy on the grill.  They also grilled part of the beef steak just the way I like it - just a bit of salt and nothing else.  The rest of the beef steak was treated with salt and garlic cloves.  We had salad and grilled corn on the "bone" (kids say that) and began a new tradition of Birthday Brownies.  
Very Yummy
The swordfish was a hit - no leftovers, everyone tried a piece.  The steak was best ever.  Salad complete with homegrown tomatoes - superb! Bellissimo!
Charged up the Kindle Fire and played with it the next day.
All Things combined - led to a very nice birthday celebration - Almost all the family was there - we were missing one grandchild and two girlfriends of the boys, but work intervenes in people's plans, and I'll get to see my grandson this weekend.  My granddaughter was there, so I wasn't completely grandchildless.

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