Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gabe the Bulldog on The Letterman Show

I love watching David Letterman and Craig Ferguson - will stay up late to watch these two shows.  Ever since the late 1970's David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks has been one of my favorite bits on The Letterman Show.  Wednesday night - after not seeing the pet tricks in way tooooo long, I saw an amazing bulldog ride a rocking horse.  I tried like hell to find the video clip of this, but couldn't find one - the best I can do is link to Gabe's doggyspace page - at least there, you can see a few of his tricks.

But the thing about his show appearance, was not just his trick - getting on and rocking on the rocking horse, but the dismount - what a dismount.  and when Letterman meets Gabe - Gabe is such a calm dog, he stands still and lets Letterman mess around with his cheek flaps, making jokes etc.  Very cool dog.

After a frustrating half hour of searching and finally beginning this post - the video shows up on the CBS Letterman site - so here you go - enjoy! :)


  1. You can see more of Gabe's antics on his very own website at Gabe has also appeared on America's Got Talent (Season 6 Quarter-finalist) Good Morning America, The 2008 Worldwide Fido Awards and stars in the family comedy "The Dogfather" Stop by and leave a comment on his site & sign up for his newsletter :)

    Cheryl Knapp & Gabe the Bulldog

  2. Wow! Gabe has really found his calling! Show business! I've never heard of the Dogfather, but I'm going to check it out. You've done a great job of raising this dog, and he seems so very calm. Love his attitude. Thanks for commenting on this - I love dog tricks. The best I can get my little dog to do is stand up and let me do pattycake on his paws...or shake paws. That's is. But my son has taught his boxer to roll over, and to also keep a piece of food on his nose until he's told to get it. Fun stuff! :)