Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After Monday comes Teaser Tuesdays!

Well - another Monday has been survived. :)  Bittersweet - this means only about six more weeks til the end of school
**new interface for blogger - is anyone else having trouble linking pictures?  It took me three tries before the picture was actually linked instead of the link appearing at the top of the page - and each time I did the VERY SAME thing- highlighted the picture, then clicked on the insert link.  Should be easy, right?  No. 

Another very fun blog meme is Teaser Tuesdays - hosted by MizB of ShoudBeReading.  We Read - We Tease - We post.  No spoilers. :)
I just started reading Melissa Marr's Graveminder.  Barely started it, so I'm not very far. I haven't read any of her Young Adult (YA not being my genre of choice, unless I'm reading J.A. Campbell or Lili St.Crow), but I picked this one up from the regular (i.e. adult) section in SciFi/Fantasty.  Apparently Graveminder has been out since last May - I had no idea.  First time I saw this was when I bought it the other day.  huh.  Guess I'm not paying enough attention to what's going on around me.  :)
from page 3

'   "I'm sure I have something I can fix."  Maylene heard her own voice quiver.  She was getting too old for surprises.  Finding the girl here-in this state-was a few steps past a surprise.  She shouldn't be here.  Her parents shouldn't have let her roam; someone should have contacted Maylene before it got to this point.  There were laws in Claysville.
    Laws kept in place for just this reason.'
oooh - creepy, isn't it?  What's up with this town?

hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!  We had a weekend of crazily warm weather and now we're back to the cold, windy, sprinkling-not-quite-raining weather.
happy reading everyone!


  1. Oh, I like Melissa Marr's books, thanks for sharing a little of this one.

    You can find my TT here:

  2. We've had hot weather, too...and today is supposed to be cooler...moving toward cold. Weird!

    This book sounds intriguing...and yes, Blogger has done crazy-weird things lately!


  3. Don't worry, I find new reads after a year all the time! Great teaser, sounds like a very mysterious read. Oh and your son's band sounds awesome! Looked them up for future reference. :)

  4. The title GRAVEMINDER along with your teaser make for a creepy post! Sounds like a book I'd enjoy.
    My Teaser is from A DIFFERENT KIND OF FOREVER: Sandy's Teaser