Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainy Monday rolls around....

It's entirely possible that I'm becoming a bit obsessed with LOLCatz, but just look .... how can anyone help it? My three captions...(I'm not as inspired as some are)
it may be rainy, and a Monday... that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it! except for the dreary clouds, the wet rain (is there any other kind, but wet?) and the achy bones and muscles. But I did get a lot of reading done!

Time again for our favorite weekly blog/book meme - It's Monday, What Are You Reading? Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.....

current reads:

for some reason, I'm not very excited about either of these....yet. Probably because I just finished a marathong reading of four books from a very well written series.

Whatever the reason, for some reason I've started with the third in a SciFi series (Kris Longknife, Defiant) by Mike Shepherd. It's okay, just not a commanding a read as a few other SciFi books I've read - Yet - but then I did just finish Saintcrow novels. Maybe I should find the first and start with that one. I also just started Deadworld by J.N. Duncan and even though I've barely started in on the third chapter, it's not grabbing my attention. Which is a shame, because it sounds interesting and just look at the cool and sexy woman with the huge....gun. LOL - Should be good, right? Except it's hard to picture an FBI agent wearing stilletto boots and chichi tank top like that, nevermind that I rarely see any police type women stretching along a building like that......Still like the cover though. I'm hoping that I end up liking this novel, I see that sequels are out - or at least book two is out, and book three most likely is coming.
just finished:
This is most likely why I'm not getting into the current reads. I've read four of the Jill Kismet series,** back to back - taking time out only to review Redemption Alley. Other than that review, I seriously went from the ending of one to the next. The only problem I had with this type of marathon reading is finding a couple of phrases or descriptions repeated in a couple of the books, but really - compared to the enjoyment factor that's small, even micro potatoes, right? Yep!

Flesh Circus, Heaven's Spite and finally ending the series with Angel Town....oh man, what a blast...literally. I should know better than to try to read other paranormal, or urban fantasy reads after reading a fave author, especially after reading four in a row from a fave author. After that, unless there's another fave author already lined up for reading, other books just kind of fade in comparison. It's like drinking fresh strawberry or cherry juice, then trying a sip of water. It's like eating a wonderful cheesecake and then taking a bit of a soda cracker. It's like spending a weekend with your grandchildren and then having a quiet day to yourself..(wait, that's actually a good thing, sometimes - haha). Whatever, I'm sure you get my point. I should be looking for a palate cleansing non urban fantasy or non sci fi book. It's the only way.
I believe I've just talked myself out of my current reads....nah - I'm going to concentrate on the Kris Longknife novel, even if it is the third. There's not a lot of info-dumping going on, so that's all good.

I found this pic on this page, is themed as a psych case study - go read it, it's pretty good
**a little grandchild note here - look at the covers of the Jill Kismet novels, and you'll see that Jill is represented with lines and a very white face, body. I noticed on the back of one of my Kismet novels, that Jills face had suddenly became very.....tanned. Her face was carefully colored in with a light brown marker....Since my grandson was the only person under 18 around the house this weekend, I asked him. He's three years old, by the way.

Me - Elliott, did you happen to color on grandma's book?

Elliott - yes. I made her pretty for you.

Me-....umm, thanks. (it was a pretty good job for a three year old - he stayed in the lines.) Oh boy! At least he did it for me, right? :)


  1. That's too bad about Deadworld - it does look pretty badass. I'm embarrassed to say I've never read a Lilith Saintcrow book, but now I think I must!

  2. That was my official face this morning since I took yesterday off! It feels so like a Monday today LOL

    Put Deadworld down and come back to it. I had a book like that a few a weeks ago. I put it down, read something else and when I came back to it I could get into the world. I am a mood reader so that happens to me a lot! Or it could be like Archon was and a DNF! Life is too short of books that don't hook us!

  3. I did - I went to Trance....and still reading the Sci Fi. You're right - life is too short!

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