Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A bit late, Teaser Tuesday

It's one of my boys' birthday (on Wednesday), but since he has to work that night, we celebrated his b-day on Tuesday....which meant the sis, the mom and dad (that would be me and the hubby) and two of the girlfriends and niece had dinner together while b-day boy and big brother were out getting a tattoo that was supposed to take just a couple hours; yet it ended up taking four hours long. Whatever - my granddaughter and I didn't wait to get into the cake...It was red velvet cake and it was getting later and later. So we ate some! :) B-day-Boy should have been here. LOL - they finally got here, ate their dinner and we served up the remaining cake. heehee I have to admit, I'm a little jealous about the tattoo though...

Now the night is over, everyone is out partying except the elders (us again) and the grandchild who ended up spending the night with us. This is nice because I didn't get her this weekend and I missed her. Although one of the side effects of not having her over the weekend, was that I had a lot more attention from my grandson. Usually they play together, and he doesn't want much to do with me, because I'm always making him blow his nose, wash his mouth and face, put his socks on, etc...but this last weekend I got so many spontaneous hugs from him that I was wondering if it was a doppelganger. :)

It is now time for my late Teaser Tuesday. I almost wasn't going to do it, but then ....well - here we are! Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading and full guidelines are at her site.

This week, I'm posting two teasers

I'm reading three books - haven't yet focused on one of them yet - it's a side effect from my reading marathon of last week - I was so very focused on the last four Jill Kismet books that it's kind of hard to focus on anything else right now.

Trance by Kelly Meding (1st in new series)

page 15:

'Having superpowers rudely restored after a fifteen year disruption is a lot like childbirth; painful, beautiful, messy, and with lots of screaming. Unlike childbirth, superpower restoration was an event I just didn't see coming. I thought it was heartburn.'

page 36:

'Jackie stared at the picture. It was the spitting image of Nick Anderson. "Wait a sec, that can't be right. That the same guy?" '

That's all I have tonight.....more later (more of what, I'm not sure, but more of something!)

I leave you with.....VAMPIRE CAT!


  1. *giggles at the cat*

    good tease there. Here's mine

  2. I might be obsessed with the cat pics - There's so many funny ones over at lolcatz, or Icanhazcheezebugues... (or something like that)