Thursday, December 8, 2011

68 books so far? Really? ahem, ummmm not quite...

What do the following books have in common?

Read on and you shall see....

The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron

Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin

Hexed by Kevin Kearn

Day By Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne

Afterlife by Naomi Clark

A Soldier's Duty - Jean Johnson

According to my "books I've read in 2011" list, I've read 68 books. Now I always have the feeling that I'm forgetting a book here and there, but if I don't list it right away, there's no guarantee that I'm going to rememver if I've read a book, especially if it's not from one of my auto read writers. So I've been trying to list the books as I start them, and put the dates that I finish them after the author name and genre. Doesn't always work out though. For instance, I know I've started a few other books, but since I only read a page or two, I'm not going to list them. So the books I've posted on this list are books that I've read at least two chapters of....

And the books in the above list are books that I started but haven't finished.

Now this doesn't mean that the books are bad or boring (yes it does - for a couple of them, at least). Sometimes I just get distracted by a shiney new cover by a favorite author, and then forget to go back...

The Spirit Thief - good book, good writing, good dialog - got distract. Want to finish

Magic Lost, Trouble Found - Ditto. good story, dialog, characters, etc. in fact, almost finished it and then a favorite authored book came out, misplaced it for a bit, and remained distracted.

Hexed - Okay. I know, lots of people are loving this novel. However, I found it to be ....blah. Bland. Even the "funny" sidekick guy seemed a little forced to me. Not so funny. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. This was started right IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SCI-FI FRENZY summer. So that might be it, but I have no desire to go back to it.....unfortunately I happened to buy the first and second of the series. Won't be buying the third. Does anyone want these two books? Anyone?

Day By Day Armageddon - ummm. started out promising. diary style, slow build up....slow middle.....sigh....after getting through half of the novel, I was glad to get away from the dreary outlook of a book where the guy almost gets away and then goes back to his was just too dreary and depressing. No hope....No want to finish.

Afterlife - now this is an interesting novel. Good characters and interesting plot. I like the bits at the beginning of each chapter. This was another one of those books though, that I was reading when a favorite author came out....then I was in that SciFi frenzy, and I misplaced the book...just recently found it again. I do want to finish reading it, want to see what's going on with those ghosts! Plan to finish. Hopefully soon.

A Soldier's Duty - Thought this was going to be along the lines of Tanya Huff's Valor series. Tough marine future soldier in a future world with lots of great scifi gadgets. But there is a lot of ....fantasy type elements and the reading is heavy and a bit slow going. Not sure if I'm into it or not. Sounds like it should be good - but it's a bit slow going. It's along the lines of an epic series - that seems like it's going to span quite a few years....and I know there's already a second book coming. It's like Robert Jordan meets Science Fiction.....

The vague plan. I would like to finish at least three of these novels. Not the blah or boring ones, but the ones I was simply distracted from. I want to see what happens to the characters. The others, I'll give away. My new reading rule (not so new, but newly stated) is to read purely for pleasure. My health is not so great (not horrible, but I have a limited amount of years ahead of me) and I have grandchildren that are vying for my extra time - so the reading time has to count. So no forcing myself to read books I'm not completely enjoying. There's no reason to. None.

So I am going to TRY to finish Afterlife by Naomi Clark, The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron, and Magic Lost Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin.

The others?


You can have them.

just say the word

first post, first served

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