Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Monday

It's that time again - Monday. I can't believe it (
Really, I really can-they just keep showing up, everyweek like clockwork. These Mondays.) ugh, another Monday, and this time it's after a long dreamy week off (three days without pay - oh well) complete with lazing about in Jammies, having grandchildren over, COOKING ALL DAY ON THURSDAY with the help of the girls who date the boys I gave birth to, ahhhh - great day. Then, after all that cooking when I couldn't take it anymore, my daughter and her family came and she and the other girls helped the final preps for dinner. THEN, they cleaned UP after dinner and served up dessert. It was great, I think I would have been way more worn out than I was if they hadn't helped as much as they did. It's times like those that I'm very aware of how thankful I am for my daughter and the boys' girlfriends. Wonderful people. I also cooked Bacon Wrapped Turkey - mmmmmmm, good.

Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey, here is another It's Monday, What Are You Reading meme. I love this weekly meme, where we go back an forth between blogs, seeing what others are reading, what we plan to read, and what's been read. Go to Sheila's site for full guidelines and to post your link.

Finished Reading two books this past week;

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey
Reckoning by
Lili St.Crow aka Lilith Saintcrow, (writer of the Jill Kismet series, Dante Valentine series, and many more novels) - oh my sweet jesus. final novel in the series...great series, good ending, but not sure I like the ending, though it leaves an opening for good things to happen.

Currently Reading:

Magic on the Line by Devon Monk

Shady Lady by Ann Aguirre

Received and Bought

Received for review, and peeked at = Threshold by Devin O'Branagan. Seems interesting - with a contrasting older character and a young character.

I picked up some books at the bookstore because I was in a MOOD and it was in between releases from "the greats" (in urban fantasy, there are what I consider the "greats" know, Suzanne McLeod, Ilona Andrews, Devon Monk, Ann Aguirre, and so forth. There's an up 'n'coming - soon to be great - I have great hopes for J.A. Campbell who has some fiction online that you can take a look at - use the drop-down menu for choices.)

Some of the other books I've come across lately are...

Dark Descendant by JennaBlack ( I don't know why...I liked the first book of one of her series, then got turned off by the dialogue - I'm a lazy reader - but this sounds different)

Camera Obscura by Lavie Tidhar. Know nothing about the book or the author, haven't heard anything about either - but I kind of like the cover, and the blurb seems interesting. Here's hoping it's a good read. I have about 20 books that were impulse buys that didn't catch my interest...but then there are those gems that were impulse buys that are now auto buys...Anne Aguirre, Ilona Andrews, Devon Monk, Suzanne McLeod (well, that one I had a good excerpt reading experience, lol) and Terry Pratchett! and those are just a few.

I hope these other books are interesting. Sometimes I get disappointed, especially when I've been seeing books on blogger sites, everyone talking them up, they look and sound very interesting, sound so twisted -different - and edgy and then when you get right down to reading it....nothing stands out. The characters are kind of tame, or all the same....etc. I felt that way about a few novels lately and I'm not sure if it's just that I might be in a weird mood, or I've just finished one of the aformentioned greats, or ...maybe they just are boring. :) Still, it just goes to show how we all have differing tastes, or even though many bloggers might love a book I might not like it. Like Butcher's books. I know everyone loves them. I find them a bit boring. There's more, but....I don't want to shock anyone. HaHaHa.


  1. Love the "lazing about in Jammies" days...and the hectic cooking, not so much.

    Which is why I'm glad to be a guest now and then, as I was this year.

    Hope you enjoy your reads!


  2. Santa Olivia looks gorgeous... ...must have! :)

    Come see my Monday! And have a GREAT week!

  3. It's always a good thing when you have a lot of help . I take it you had a good thanksgiving and 3 days off . The books you finished look amazing . I am particularly interested in Santa Olivia. Maybe it's just the name that caught my attention - Jacqueline is my name :) Have a great week!

  4. Some fabulous books, I'd really like to start Devon Monks series

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out