Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Monday!

(huge sigh) It's Monday...again.

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It's been a challenging reading month. I can't seem to stay away from science fiction books, even though I have many many many many urban fantasy novels I want to read. They are not only backing up, but I'm running out of room to put them, and some I can't even FIND.
like these below. I bought them. Don't know where they are. oops.

In the meantime;

I am currently reading Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

Good writing, but it's hard for me to think about reading a book about kids being forced to kill each other. I haven't gotten very far yet, but the fact that there are two more in the series gives me a probably false sense of hope for the main character from the first novel.

After I finish Hunger Games, I have a plan to catch up a quite a few e-books that have been sent to me and one that I bought. I don't have covers for all of them, because they aren't all published yet, I'm not even sure I should give titles out - until I get permission. But the one I bought is The Weaverfields Heir - a book by David Bridger that I've been wanting to get for quite a while. Finally bought it and hope to read it either this week or next, depending on how many of the beta reads I can finish.
What I HAVE finished -

A short story by Tahlia Newland (from Australia - know who else is from Australia that I love to read? Marianne De Pierres - aka Marianne Delacourt), I enjoyed it, it was a quick, light and fun read.

Also just finished Pathfinder (#3) by Laura E Reeves and am hoping that she's going to write more about Ariane Kedros and co. I also finished the book that came right before (same author), called Vigilante (#2). Enjoyed the whole trilogy very much. Satisfied the SciFi craving along with some intrigue and suspense.

Until tomorrow - for Tuesday Teasers.


  1. Marianne's books are good - I have enjoyed bother her YA paranormal and her detective series. Did you know urban fantasy writer Keri Arthur is also from Australia? So am I :)
    Enjoy your reading this week

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. Enjoy your books. I had a busy week of reading. My goodness. I'm shocked at how many I finished. Come see what I read.

  3. Bookdout - I actually forgot about Keri Arthur being from Australia. I think Sara Creasy is also living there now - she wrote Song of Scarabaeus (loved it) and Children of Scarabaeus. I haven't tried De Pierre's Young Adult yet, though I'm tempted; I have read her Nylon Angel trilogy though. Intense - best Cyberpunk/sciFi EVER. I have Sharp Shooter on my shelf also - waiting to read...I should read that soon.

    Australia sounds like an amazing place, and has sprouted some amazing writers.

  4. I didn't like the idea of Hunger Games at first, either, but found that in the world they live in, it's just how it is, and I enjoyed the book (and the second one too).

    Happy reading this week.

  5. You should definitely stick with the rest of the Hunger Games books. I was put off by the whole killing kids thing too but the other parts of the story are so good!

    My Monday list:

  6. I lose books in my bookshelves all the time. I generally read what I can see so I know there's books I bought years ago hiding at the back.

  7. Oh yes - just started part two - it's intense, but good writing.