Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Drorgan Slayer's Choice by Tahlia Newland

e-book - short story fantasy

I just finished reading an entertaining short story written by Tahlia Newland. Right now it's available on Smashwords as well as Amazon.

Julia is on her break from work, hoping to get some coffee when she bumps her head after a fall. After dusting herself off, she sits down and notices that everything is brighter, she can see and hear better....and oops! Suddenly she's seeing some disturbing things. Like a giant octopus and people fighting this thing. Only no one else seems to notice.

What follows is an entertaining beginning of a romance. Julia follows the fighters to a new location and gets noticed by one of them- a handsome one. The rest is kind of a sweet beginning to a romance. And even though I'm not really into the romance formulaic style of writing, I enjoyed this, because it wasn't too heavy handed with all the romance buzzwords about how hot people are. I found Ms Newland's style of writing easy to read, and the dialog (which can be a deal breaker for me) was fitting. Of course, this being a short story - things move a bit fast, and there's an interesting fantasy twist to the heaven and hell (differing planets).

For the price of a candy bar, you can read this short story yourself, and it's less calories than candy. LOL. Give it a try - Tahlia Newland has a fine writing style and can sure write an entertaining read.

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