Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teaser Tuesday Tuesday Teaser

are you just the smallest bit nervous looking at that cat? that is one intimidating staredown being used. ugh. glad I didn't wake her up! LOL you just KNOW it's a matter of time before the disembowling commences.

when I first woke up I was feeling a bit rough. I went back to sleep (thank goodness for holidays) and tried again. the second time I woke up, I had a bit of a headache, so I decided to sleep again. third time is the charm, as they say. I felt a bit better, but not like doing anything. watched a show with my granddaughter, looked at a couple things she wanted me to see on the computer - browsing four year old style involves NickJr and Sprout online. by the way, those are just two of the many great sites online that will help a preschooler use computer skills and learn while they are having fun. Saturday I set up my grandson at the desktop and my granddaughter at the laptop, side by side so they could play the same game at the same time. They were having fun and I was able to read while they kept each other busy. She is one year older and has been helping her cousin learn how to use the mouse and click on links. children teaching children. my favorite way of keeping kids busy.
I spent time going back and forth between reading, playing citiville and zombie lane (just got a new neighbor from ITALY! not sure how he found me, but he plays both games, so I'm game. lol) and surfing the net myself. I really had no plans on posting a Teaser Tuesday, not really in the mood, don't feel like finding a teaser, but here I am. Not sleepy and now I feel like I should post a tease.

teaser tuesday is hosted by MizB of ShouldBeReading - full guidelines are available under the badge, click for link.

I'm going to post a teaser from Scardown by Elizabeth Bear - this is the second in a trilogy about a 51 year old Canadian former military woman who has cyberware in place of an arm, an eye and has been pressured into becoming a pilot for a starship. Ironically, she's been hiding out in the U.S., which is a worn down tired old country in this story. There's way more to the plot than that - there's a ganglord named Razorface, an AI that's been in hiding from a huge corporation; it's set in a future with China as a superpower (though written a few years ago, this is eerily dejavu like, or possible - shivers) a race to the stars a la the race to the moon....oh man oh man.

from page 85 & 86

' ... and comes toward not Gabriel, but me-and squeezes me into a long hug with Leah in the middle, because Leah won't let go so I can't really stiffen up and pull away. Elspeth's warm and I have to lean into the hug because she's that much shorter.

"The coffee's fresh," she says and the smell of it follows her as she steps back. She grins into my eyes.

Elspeth Dunsany. Psychiatrist. Manipulative bitch. Are those synonyms?

Thank the lord she only uses her powers for good." '

(it's very hard to stick with only two sentences)

On to Aftermath now. By Ann Aguirre, this is the fifth of the Sirantha Jax series. It's also one of the most heartbreaking of the series....and I believe that this is the second to last novel in the series. Although this is one of my most favorite of series, I think Ann Aguirre knows what she's doing (keep us wanting more, lol), keeping this at a limited number of novels. I wouldn't mind reading more - but then again, I would hate to watch a series I love get stale and repetitive. Well, enough with book writing philosophy, on to a tease - this will also be more than two sentences (I have no self control, people - none at all! wait a minute, I think I found some....nope! just some dust)

from page 222

' It's miserable down here.

The oppressive weight of stone is bad enough. I feel like I can't breath, and the sensation only intensifies as we creep through dark stone passageways filled with bones. Oh, they're carefully tended and stowed into niches cut into the wall, but that doesn't help in the least, particularly when I note the distinct lack of humanity in their physiology. They aren't Mareq. Nothing I've ever seen before. '

Oh yeah. How's THAT for a tease? For those who haven't yet read Aftermath. Those that have, know what's happening here. :) For all, I can safely say - glad I'm not there!

Jazz Hands Daddy!

sometimes you just have to DANCE!



  1. Good teasers. I know sometimes we have trouble picking only two sentences too. Love the added can and tiger pictures! I agree with you on your second book, wouldn't want to be there either!

  2. They both sound like awesome reads. I usually have a hard time with the 2 sentence thing too. Although this week I stayed with it. I think only because I have a featured author and the teaser is from one of her books. Ha! Love the pictures. new follower.

  3. I've heard a lot about Ann Aguirre. Looks like a good series.

    First one is good too. I like someone with powers.

    Here is mine

    MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook

  4. Cristina - welcome. I went over to your site and checked out your teasers. Interesting series set up, I'll be keeping those in mind.

    Michelle- Aguirre writes quite a few series-all just different enough to appeal to many, Something for many tastes.