Sunday, July 24, 2011

What the H*%%

You know - I'm feeling like I'm losing some of my mental faculties.....or my memory

I could have sworn that I bought this book. In fact, I usually only copy and past book covers in a certain desktop folder when I buy the books (because I'm ocd about book covers). I also keep a separate folder (see? ocd to the max) with book covers of novels that I want to buy...yeah. totally nerdy/geeky

so there's the pic....where's the damned book? not in my three bookshelves in the living room.

Not readily visible in the morass of books in my four book areas of my bedroom.....

not visible under the couches or the beds.............



I'm pretty sad about this.

Borders is the bookstore that I love to shop at.

Borders is the place that I sneak off to whenever I have a few extra bucks for books

I go there at least once a month during the summer

twice a month during the school months ($$)

My sister treated me to a book buying there today and the lines were huge! There were so many people in the store that I began to feel a little anxious - like I wanted to yell and run out the doors. I don't like big crowds...


Even though I was sad that Borders is closing, I was a irritated that most of the stock was only 10% off

I guess later on the saving will be bigger, but then of course, that's when there will be less to choose from

I was able to get a copy of Bloodlands by Christine Cody - a few days early. It's releasing July 26, but apparently Borders is putting ALL their stock out.

I also finally found a copy of Kindling the Moon - after already traveling to Barnes and Noble to buy it. When I first looked for it at Borders, it was listed as an online only purchase.

Now there were five copies on the shelf

More on my book buys Monday

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  1. I love that cover. Pity you can't find the book to go with it. I have a folder with book covers in it too. We need them for the review post, don't we?

    I think it's a shame about stores closing, 2 in my area did too. It'll send avid readers to the net to purchase but it won't encourage new readers, which is a shame.