Friday, July 29, 2011

reviews and book reading challenges

I just don't know what's up with me....well, it could be I'm just a great procratinator.

I've been putting off going through appications for my job - applications for places in a program I run. To be honest though, I'm not getting paid for the time that I have to put in. It's something that kind of was put on me at the last moment right before school ended. I have to have this done before school begins - now in about three weeks - but really. I didn't even get all the applications until AFTER the school year ended, and AFTER my final paid work day ended. So I've been putting off working on this, because essentially I'm doing it for free. I'll make sure I get the time one way or another, it'll cover time I have to take off for doctor appts during the school year, so I won't have to use up my sick pay. But it's not always fun having to do this work on my own time, so naturally I put if off. :)

Then there is the book reading challenges.

I want to do them, I love signing up for them, but somewhere along the way I lose the ambition to go over to the hosting sites and post my review links - especially since there's no acknowledgement after doing so. I mean, I don't expect fanfare, and I understand that there are hundreds of entries making it impossible to reply to each entry. But it feels like I'm posting to thin air sometimes....(just like when I blog, lol)

To be honest, I often simply FORGET to go over and leave a comment about a book that I've read...

And reviewing....There are at least 10 books that I haven't reviewed yet. Some of them I really, really LOVED. All of them I've enjoyed, so it's nothing to do with putting off writing a bad review. You'll probably never find a bad review here anyway, since I usually just tend to NOT finish even reading a book that I don't like. Why bother, right? At my age and with my health, I'm not wasting anytime on books that bore me. So I finish books that range from okay to enjoyable to DAMN! THAT WAS GREAT!

This weekend I hope to write up and post a review on Ghellow Road (T.H. Waters), a novel based on real experiences. A very powerful novel with a strong message within the pages. More on Ghellow Road soon. I also need to review the last months worth of books - I'm not kidding around when I say I'm behind. I'm really behind. Good thing I don't get paid for this type of thing, because I would have been fired long ago.

Well - I'm off to at least get a little start on a couple of the reviews

Happy Reading, Everyone!

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