Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Hot Liberty


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Cover Lovin' - I could never ever, especially at this point in my life, wear a shoe like this. But it would be fun, right? It's so THERE. It's so flamboyant - wonderfully flamboyant and those are for sure some... F=== me heels, pardon my bad language. wink wink. I like this - the all white cover with just the shoe. Nothing else but that sexy shoe. MmmmHMM!

Okay, enough playing around. I'm keeping this review short and sweet because I'm behind in so many, many book reviews...but

Devin O'Branagan is the author a quite a few books, of a variety of subject matter. A complete list can be found at her bookstore website (she also sells a variety of other items-jewelry and dog/cat items), and if you click on that sexy shoe cover, you'll go to Red Hot Liberty's page where you will find quite a few links to excerpts out of the book. It's a nice intro to O'Branagan's writing.

Red Hot Liberty is the sequel to Red Hot Property. It features the return of Molly and co., with the addition of a few more quirky characters. Some VERY quirky characters. One of them a hot British man named Robin. yummy Molly is dealing with a "tween" who is becoming a bit obnoxious in that wonderful way that girl tweens have (moms of girls will know what I mean) she (Molly, not the tween) is being sued by a former client, investigated by the feds, the dog is having romance issues and is depressed, things aren't quite right between Molly and her man, and her life seems to be falling apart. And on top of all that, there is trouble with her ex-husband and some dangerous people who are not happy with him.

As with the previous novel, Devin O'Branagan has written a novel with interesting plot and sub-plots that also contains a series of vignettes of the zaniest real estate agent experiences that you can imagine. In fact, some of the scenes are I Love Lucy 21 century style worthy. Oh yeah. Imagine Lucy and Ethel with a dog that believes she's human (the humans even treat her like a human) trying to run a real estate business. The dog, Talisman, is quite a character. I cracked up at some of the Talisman episodes. Reminds me of watching a show about how some of the super rich deal with their pooches.....OMG Talisman has better care taken of her than many children do.

Red Hot Liberty is a fun, zany read. An interesting story of a single mom making a success out of her life and learning how to trust herself and others. O'Branagan has written a zany story with a few serious subject matters woven in. Broken hearts, mending hearts, new love, money trouble, daughter trouble, safety issues, danger, etc. There are some sober threads made easy to handle with the loony happenings. If we're lucky, our lives could be like that - lots of laughs to counteract the serious scenes of life.

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Mardel. I am so pleased you enjoyed my novel!