Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Teaser

Just when I think that I have all the books listed that I'm currently reading, I find others.

I find them just in time, however for Teaser Tuesday.


{someday, when I'm feeling a bit creative, I'm making a teaser tuesday badge of my own}

Tuesday Teaser is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading.

I recently won a copy of Taste Me by Tamara Hogan. It's a good book, interesting take on vampires, sirens, and etc. However, it is strong on the romantic style of writing - though it's listed as an UF. I can take this in small enough doses and luckily this novel seems to have a decent story mixed in between all the heavy breathing.

page 97

"Stephen shuffled out of the Bathroom stall at Crackhouse like an old man, ignoring the PDA vibrating in his pocket, and extended his arm to turn on the faucet. His elbow cracked, and pain shot up to his shoulder."

from an ARC of Dead Iron by Devon Monk (Devon Monk=good stories)

page 33

"The door had gotten the worst of the night, claw marks gouged knuckle deep all the way up to eye level. Something else he'd need to repair."

Every once in a while I read an Romance Novel by choice - I actually go out and BUY it, but it's rare and the writer has to be pretty damned good.

page 5

"It wasn't every day that the daughter of rootless hippies held the key to an honest-to-goodness medieval castle.

Tess Alexander stood at the end of the bridge that spanned the moat in which sat that spectacular, honest-t0-goodness medieval castle and had to pause for a moment and contemplate the irony of her situation."

Finally, from Valor's Choice by Tanya Huff- the scifi that I has put temporarily aside

page 147

" 'How do the Krai treat their dead?'

'We cook them and eat them.'

Thinks Deeply walked in silence for a moment or two. 'And that is a sign of respect?' she asked at last.

'Well, I'd have to say that depends on who does the cooking.' "

audio excerpt available here

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