Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Book B-Day - Senior Year Bites by J.A. Campbell

Look at this beautiful shiny new cover for a shiny new e-book - a full length young adult novel by J.A. Campbell titled Senior Year Bites.

I'm wishing a Happy Book Birthday to

Julie for her first full length publication.


This is exciting, people

and I happen to know that it's a very good book - a great story about a high school student who finds herself in the...well -- vampire condition.

Her friends want her to become a superhero...

she's a vampire.

What is going to happen?

Julie (aka J.A. Campbell) will be making some blog stops in June and July celebrating her new release.

She' s going to visit my blog in July, so keep an eye out for her.
I also happen to know that she's capable of putting together a small comic strip, once in a while. Maybe we can talk her into a small comic of Senior Year Bites, or her Doc - vampire hunter dog.

Senior Year Bites is published by Decadent Publishing and is available at:

I've just bought my copy, now go get yours!

On a related note, Ms Julie's short story Silver Rush (part of the Into The West series) is finally up at Barnes and Noble (it was a bit tardy, *g*) - all three of her current Into The West stories are up at B&N, and a fourth should be going up soon. Also available at Amazon, AmazonUK, and of course Smashwords.

I am looking forward to reading not only my new copy of Senior Year Bites, but finding out what else Julie is going to create.

I know there's lots of ideas in her head. Many story possibilities.


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  1. Aww, thanks so much for the great post and shout out :) You rock Mardel :)