Tuesday, April 12, 2011

River Marked by Patricia Briggs - review


This is the first UK cover of a Mercy Thompson book that I've ever had. I think it's pretty cool - plain and yet striking. You really need to see it up close, and happily Mercy actually LOOKs a little more Native American than the last cover (Silver Borne - american version)

Patricia Briggs has written quite a few novels, many duos and trilogies...and lately seems to have two main series (Mercy Thompson and the Alpha and Omega series). Of all of her works, I think my favorite is the Mercy Thompson series. I've read the short and first novel of the Omega series and while I enjoyed it, they were just a bit too romancy for me though there was a bit of a horror feel. I've also read Hob's Bargain and that had a completely different tone to it - I enjoyed that one a lot. One thing is very apparent, this Ms Briggs can sure write in many different voices and genres. So...WOW.

Even in the Mercy series though, even though I completely love the series, there ARE a few books that I loved a tiny bit less, and some that I love a tiny bit more....Not mentioning which ones, though. At first, River Marked started out with Stefan the vampire encounter....great - I like his character....after that one though...well.....it started to slow down for me...Just a bit. I think it was some of the werewolf description/explanations....I never noticed so much of this before. I think it's good for new readers to the series...but I've been reading ever since Moon Called came out...so it was just a bit ....old hat for me. HAPPILY, though, the story picked up once Adam and Mercy started on their honeymoon...

Mercy meets some Native Americans, and even sees the ghost of her father...or was it a ghost? You'll have to read this to find out. At any rate, there seems to be a river monster in the Columbia River - and they just happened to be camping at a campground right near this river monster...coincidence? Well, there might be the fae involved. Mercy and Adam meet some legends...and I really enjoyed reading Coyote's character. Such a mischevious legend.

Even though a part of this book was the slightest bit slow for me, it really picked up and I was able to read this in two and a half days! I had a hard time getting ready for work this morning because I had just 10 pages to go, and not enough time to read them. How frustrating. As soon as I came home, I dropped everything and crawled into bed, and covered up (I was shivering) and finished the book. Great ending. Great fight. I loved also how whiny Mercy got with her aches and pains. Made me feel a little bit better about my previous whining (haha).

So glad I was sent this book by my book fairy - (thanks!!!!!!!!) and so happy I read it. It's another entertaining and fun chapter in Mercy's life. Oh yeah...the walking stick makes another appearance. :)

Usually when I post about a book, I like to list any other works that the author has written, but Patricia Briggs has written SO MANY books - urban fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy....that it would take too long. Just click on her name above...way at the top...and it'll take you to her book page, where you can find sample chapters and all the books she's written, and possibly info on what she's working on now.

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