Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Monday!

I cannot be enthusiastic about it being a Monday (again), but I am feeling better than last Sunday/Monday. I had a better weekend, the pain level was moderate rather than high, so that's good..

Which brings me to the weekly Monday, What Are You reading meme...

Hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey we are showing rather sharing what we've read, what we're hoping to read, what we're currently reading...

I am looking forward to this new to me reading challenge that I just joined...The Read to Me Picture Book Challenge. Full details are at There's a Book, the host of this challenge, but the basic goal is to read picture books, either to yourself or to some children. Believe me, it's way more fun to read out loud to children. I joined and posted my first post about the thousands of picture books I read last week. LOL. Rather, the six or so books. :)

Last week I read and reviewed River Marked by Patricia Briggs. It was another interesting and entertaining peek into the life of Mercy Thompson - Coyote Skinwalker - only with the added bonus of interaction from Native

American legends and Mercy Thompson's family history.

I am finishing up Devon Monk's Magic On The Hunt. Within minutes of opeining the book, it's like falling into a conversation with an old friend that's

always fun to be around. I'm enjoying this lastest from Devon Monk - there's the danger, the excitement, the snark and best of all...Stone (though not quite enough...I'd love a short story focusing on him)

Since I'm almost finished with Magic On The Hunt, I'm already planning on reading Sima's Undergarments for Women by Ilana Stanger Ross. After reading a few extremely good urban fantasy novels, I'm really going to need a "palate cleansing" book. This is as far from urban fantasy as I can get. :)

I started to read A Brush of Darkness by Alison Pang, but ended up putting it aside. This is why I need "palate cleansing" books. I can tell that I'm going to like this book. I can tell that its' going to be interesting....if I can JUST get past the first few chapters of seemingly forced arguements and snarkage of the two main characters...protagonists...The first couple of chapters just seemed to be full of pointless arguments.... I started to feel like I was reading an Anita Blake book with all the pointless sniping....It just was awkward readidng it, and I kept thinking, "why are they DOING" this, when I can usually just sit back and wasn't hard for me to put this aside for now. I hope I can pick it back up later, because I think that I might enjoy's got things that interest me...a magical ipod, a unicorn that sleeps in an underwear drawer - it's a potentially fun combo of modern gadgets and fae/magic. It SHOULD be a good book. But so far...It could be because I just finished two very good authors with their easy to read dialogue (not slow-witted, but the dialogue feels natural) So A Brush of Darkness has been put aside for now. I hope reading something else will help, because with the characters and the set up, there is a lot of possibilities here...So, I guess we'll see....sometime.

I had a rare day of having only one grandchild with me, a bit of money and no where to be at the moment...I was fairly comfortable and in a decent mood....we were going to go see my sister in the evening so I felt that it was a good time to go visit the bookstore - even though I had recently went for me....It's always fun to take a preschooler to the book store. I bought her a couple books - one with a story cd - remember those books with records? or later the books with tapes? Hell, I know there are audio tapes, whole novels...but I found some short story books with accompanying cds and thought, WOW! HOW FUN! I had bought my granddaughter her first cd player for her fourth birthday. So I bought her a Tangled story with a cd. She's all exceited to go home and listen to it. She's known how to work dvd players and cd players for about a year now.

Of course I bought my grandson a book and was drawn to the book aisles, myself.....

Fool by Christopher Moore ($5.99 for a hardback)

Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda

YA, but seems interesting, in ppb now

Deadworld by J.N. Duncan (new to me - new to all, debut novel)

Jim C. Hines' Red Hood's Revenge. I bought Goblin Quest. I was a little bored with it. Why did I buy this one? Red, revenge, Snow White...

and the writer of zombies...Walter Greatshell - comes a book titled Mad Skills. I don't think this one has anything to do with zombies...yet


  1. If you did indeed buy a copy of Deadworld...yay! I hope you enjoy my story. Glad you found it on the shelves, as it's not up on the shelves at all the bookstores around me.

  2. I bought it at Borders in California - near the Bay Area. It just kind of jumped into my hands. :) Once in a while that happens. I love the unabashedly Urban Fantasy cover!

  3. Happy Monday :) Your books look good - enjoy this week too :)

  4. I'm reading a mixture of homework and manga this week. Come see what I'm reading.