Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Monday...

It's been a particularly rough Sunday for me - arthritis, bad spinal discs acting up, old work injuries flaring up and on top of that now my toes seem to be exceptionally full of pain...

and the fingers...oh my god...I didn't know that fingers could hurt so much!

Well, don't mean to whine...wait, yes I do. This shit absolutely HURTs! and it took all friggin day of taking advil and pain meds to feel halfway decent...and now it's late at night and I'm afraid to go to sleep becaue I know what I'm waking up to...

How in the Heck did our ancestors stand this with only herbs to help? No wonder old people are so damned cranky! lol

big dramatic sigh here....

In the summer, I'm sure I'll be more comfortable....bring on the summer (never though I'd say that) Sorry for the whinefest -

Well, it's another Monday coming up....

I'm still doing to do a shortened version of the Monday, what are you reading meme. Full guidelines are up at Sheila's Book Journey

This is my current read - River Marked by Patricia Briggs. It's good. I was able to read two thirds of it today - and would have read more if I had been able to hold it easier. (damned hands) Last week I read and reviewed Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy, her second excellant science fiction novel - sequel to Song of Scarabaeus. Loved both of the. Wonder if there's going to be a third, since it seems all the main issues have been solved with this novel.
Still reading Black Dust Mambo (Adrian Phoenix) and Tiger Eye (Marjorie M. Liu).

Looking forward to starting Magic On the Hunt by Devon Monk. I know there are more books around here that I need to read - sequels to 2010 debuts. Just can't seem to read more than one or one and a half books per week.

Hey, at least I'm reading!

and apologies for the whining - I should take it out, but that's my life right now.

wish I had some valium right now - I could sure use it.


  1. SO sorry that you are hurting - I am with you on the come on summer... I just want the sun! :) Enjoy your books this week and I hope you enjoy the week as well!

  2. *hugs* I hope your hands and everything else feels better soon. Bring on the summer!


  3. Sorry about the arthritis. :(

    As this week I was mostly writing for my projects, my list of finished books isn't as bloated with homework.. Come see what I finished.

  4. i hope you are getting better by now :)