Friday, April 8, 2011

contest reminder

Sometimes I can be a forgetful blogger - I set up this contest for A Song For My Mother, a beautiful brand new hardback that is being release soon. I then forgot to promote my own contest. I have one entrant, and if no one else enters by tonight, midnight - she will win by default. Most of the bloggers in my sphere are fantasy/urban fantasy/horror or sci-fi readers, and YA, so this book might not even be of interest. It would, however, make a good gift if you know someone who likes books that don't have monsters or aliens running through the pages. :) If you're interested, enter over here - I'm beginning to get a complex about these giveaways! lol, I don't mind having between five and 10 entries...but 0 to 1! Man! I have to do something about it...or not. I'm not really that ambitious. *g* Anyway, the contest is open until midnight April 8th (that's today, folks!) and my next contest will be a fantasy or urban fantasy.

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