Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Young Adult/Young Reader short stories

Do you have a young girl between the age of 7 and 17?

Or a young boy who enjoys out of the box reading?

Do you like to read young adult and or children's novels/short stories?

Do you work in a classroom or a library that uses e-books?

Over at Quake (part of Echelon Press) there is a series of short e-books that are geared toward the young reader. Electric Shorts. Each story will be written by a variety of authors; each new story will be released on Tuesdays....And this coming Tuesday - March 8th to be exact - J.A. Campbell's story Westward, Yo! (Into the West) will be released. It's a steal at 99 cents. Yep - 99 cents to download it on your e-reader.

Having read a few of J.A. Campbell's stories, I can assure you that you'll enjoy Westward, Yo!

Look at the Quake logo, also - "Shaking up Young Readers" I like it.
Here are the books already released for week one - and don't forget to check back for week 2 (the week our very own Julie's story is coming out) You can see the other participating authors on the webpage.
As well as having these short story series coming out...Julie's novel, Senior Year Bites will be released as an e-book by Decadant Publishing -soon
Arabian Dreams - Young Adult fantasy coming out as an e-book published by Echelon Press's Quake on August 1st.
I'm looking forward to all the novels/novellas.

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  1. Thanks so much Mardel!!!! Sorry I didn't comment sooner. The last few days have been completely insane.

    Julie/J.A. Campbell