Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Monday, What Are You Reading/

It's been a cold, wet, busy, slightly tortured week for me. LOL - any week with cold or rainy weather is tortured for me, because of the arthritis crap. And of course, I must work for a living, whether I like it or not, when I could be lounging in bed, reading and staying warm...sigh. So here I am at 1a.m.; doing some mild stretching and I feel a bit more flexible. I DO get to enjoy a spring break. For the first time ever, the school district in our city has scheduled spring break for a week that does not coincide with Easter. Feels strange, but y'know - must keep church and state totally separate.. I've always thought it was nice to have the candy part of Easter with some days off of school...ahh well. anyway, yadda-yadda-blah-blah-blah. On to the book stuff. I always seem to insert some non-book topics, no matter how many times I tell myself to keep it all about the books


Let's get this show on the road!

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.

The title is pretty self-explanatory - we list what's been read by us, what we're currently reading and what we've finished reading. Sometimes, some of us will even list what we're hopoing to start reading. It's fun., and keeps me out of trouble! lol

I read the short story, Westward, Yo! a cute read with a bit of mystery and suspense, yet tame enough for middlegrade aged students. The first in a series titled Into The West by J. A. Campbell. There will be more from this writer, coming soon. Shorts and novels.

I finished reading and reviewed A Song For My Mother, by Kat Martin. This is a sedately written novel about some heavy duty situations.No graphic scenes of violence or sex, although there are some mentions of both. The overall theme of the book seemed to be anger and forgiveness.

I read and enjoyed The Iron Witch, by Karen Mahoney. The Iron Witch is her debut full length YA novel, there are more in the works. A young teen with iron worked into a magical tattoo on her arms is pulled into the world of the Fae, learning more than she ever expected...

btw - Marianne De Pierres is one of those writers that must have words coming out of her ears, her nose, her on her name below and just look at how many books and series (and names) that she writes. It is awe-inspiring. So far, the books that I've read from her (or even just read snippets of) are all interesting no matter what the subject matter is....Her other pen name is Marianne Delacourt (young adult - Burn Brightly)

I am currently reading Dark Space by Marianne DePierres. This is my read at home book. It's good. The first section requires you to simply sit back and read, don't think too deeply - by the time you are a few chapters in, you realize that you're understanding what certain words refer to, the different species of beings, etc. I find this happens for me when I read certain Science Fiction or Fantasy novels. The worlds are so different from ours, (in a way, they are also similar) that there is usually almost a complete vocabulary you have to learn....which I promptly forget when I finish the book. Hey, I'm getting up there in age, there's only so much this brain can keep! *g*

Based completely on a few reviews and reading an excerpt, I picked up Black Wings by Christina Henry. Lots of things going on with this book - mix of Death escorts, gargoyles, and other supernatural species (reminds me of Suzanne McLeod's characters...Hopefully it'll be as good *g*)

The main character has wings that disappear when she's not using them. How cool is that?

The other day, when I was looking for another one of my books, I found my temporarily misplaced copy of Tiger Eye, by Marjorie M. Liu. I've been reading a page here and there, (which you should never do, it takes forever to get through a book that way), enough anyway to familiarize myself with where I might have left off while reading before I "lost" the book. *g* I NEVER lose things, other people pick them up from where I set them and move them around. that's why I can't find some things!

It's Monday - What Are You Reading?
What have you read?


  1. Wow, you got Iron Witch. I really want to read that book. I am glad to know that you enjoyed it.

    it's All About Books

  2. Iron Witch looks so good - I hope it is :)

  3. Love the Tie-Dye being sported---reading with style at such a young age!

    Tiger Eye looks really good :)

  4. lol - funny thing about Tie-Dye - some people absolutely hate it, think it's so last century, but it went from being an antiestablishment hippy type of fashion to being an art activity in schools and child-programs all over! That particular shirt was a birthday party activity. :)