Saturday, March 19, 2011

contest reminders

Debut author J.A. Campbell and Kimberly of Night Lily Design have a contest up - the prize is a Kindle or Nook book cover- the book Westward, Yo is involved....for more details go over to J.A. Campbell's page. Contest is open until March 22, 2011.
Author Suzanne McLeod's celebratory 16 week giveaway continues - Go over and take a look - this week's offering looks very cool.
Finally, I'm giving away a harback copy of A Song For My Mother by Kat Martin. This is a fiction novel, a light read with some heavy material - if that makes sense. Enter with your own example of something you and your mother didn't quite see eye to about. Make sure it's something you don't mind having out in the internet for years and sense humiliating or causing bad feeling for family. The key theme is forgiving.
open until April 8th 2011
Okay - until later

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