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Dark Space by Marianne De Pierres

Dark Space

Marianne De Pierres

416 pages of Space Opera,
aka Science Fiction

There's not a lot I can say about the cover, other than cool cover. Represents quite a bit of space, space travel, and...I suppose equations for travel? I'm not sure - but it's a good cover. The planet pictured looks like a dry, arid is.

The first time I ever heard of Marianne De Pierres was when I picked up this totally bad-ass looking book called Nylon Angel. It was a kind of cyperpunk/sci-fi/urban fantasy mix. I guess that's why she's considered a speculative fiction writer. After reading Nylon Angel, I searched high and low for the other two of the series (Parrish Plessis series) Code Noir, and Crash Deluxe. Hell of a trilogy. One I kept thinking about long after reading.

After reading works from two separate series, and taking a peek at a third of her series (Sharp Shooter under the name Marianne Delacourt) I feel like any book by Marianne De Pierres I pick up is going to be well written, with numerous interesting characters, a variety of character "voices", good dialogue and excellent narration. The book will be interesting with twists, suspense and a sense of ...well being there.

Dark Space is about a three separate people whose lives cross paths; it's also about a entity called Sole, for a lack of any other name. It seems there was this space traveler/partier - kind of a lazy boy who likes to keep his mind rather altered (haha, likes to get high) and on one of this "explorations" comes across this entity - who either saves him or put him in danger in the first place. This entity has no real body, and the result of this discovery is that beings from other planets consider him/she/it a godlike being. This entity - Sole, likes to explore other minds and to do this has convinced people to set up a place to collect beings who want the priviledge of being mind-explored....not always a pleasant experience, and one that leaves them altered, in a way.

The other half of this story is about Tekton, Mira and Trinder. Tekton's story doesn't quite run concurrently with Mira and Trinder's. Tekton is one of those who've been picked to be explored by Sole. There he comes into contact with JoJo, the one who "discovered" Sole. Tekton is not a very nice being, rather he is rude, priviledged, snobby, and feels entitled. He's also in competition with his cousin to create. His task, given to him Sole, is to create or explain Beauty to Sole. This leads to ....problems. Explaining would be spoilers. During his stay at this learning/exploration point Tekton comes into contact with others who are there for the same thing - to be explored by Sole, and to in turn, explore Sole. It's doubtful who's getting the best of the situation...

Mira and Trin are from another section of the universe. Both are attending a type of university for flying spaceships - among other subjects. Their families are among some that have migrated from one planet to others, in order to live life as they choose- only they bring with them some very oppressive beliefs that have been handed down throughout the generations. Trinder's family is the ruling family, very priviledged and totally in charge. They own a few mining planets and are filthy rich. Trinder has grown up not knowing even how to dress himself. He's never had to do anything for himself at all. Despite this, he is attending school and is next in line for the Principality.

Mira's family is connected to Trinder's and she is the first female in a very, very long time to inherit the ability to communicate telepathically with the biozooms - a type of sentient space ship. The pilots all need to be able to communicate with these certain ships. Only the ship in question belongs to Trinder's family. Mira's story opens with Trinder's father betraying her by commanding her ability to be gene-spliced from her and given to Trinder. Which would eventually drive her mad. In a panic, she runs away, to her aunt's home...

What follows is Trinder being banished from his father's presence and punished by being put to "work", even though he's not skilled at ANYTHING  (other than being rich and priviledge, spending money and partying). Mira's aunt's planet ends up being invaded by these beings that annihilate humans....Mira and Trin's paths intersect again....*What wasn't clear to me at first, is that Trinder and Mira are on the same planet during the attack.  Trinder's family home is there and Mira's aunt lives on the same planet.  Somehow I ended up with the impression that they were on different planets, and it wasn't until I skimmed through a few sections again that I realized my mistaken perception.  It helps to pay attention while reading, ;)

The novel is full of twists and turns. There is action, danger, escape and more danger. Betrayals and acts of bravery. Suffering and small moments of contentment. It is an epic space opera with a bit of a cliff hanger ending.....

I love cliff hanger endings - especially when I know I'll be able to read the sequel. I want to read the next book in this series. Chaos Space. I know I've mashed up this "review" but that's what I do. I read a book, "talk" a bit about it, write what I like about it, and I have no idea how to analyze a book. I just read and enjoy, or put it aside. This book is a keeper, and I would recommend it to Science Fiction lovers.

Marianne's books/series include
the Parrish Plessis series - Nylon Angel, Code Noir, and Crash Deluxe (great books)
Tara Sharpe Series - Sharp Shooter and Sharp Turn
The Burn Brightly series - Burn Bright, Angel Arias, and Blaze Dark - dark fantasy for young adults
The Sentients of Orion - Dark Space, Chaos Space, Mirror Space and Transformation Space - science fiction/space opera
Glitter Rose Collection - listed as science fantasy, short stories

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