Monday, January 31, 2011

OOPs! almost forgot the Monday thing...

Yeay!!! It's Monday!!!! (I'm trying a new way of looking at's not working yet )
I LOVE Mondays (umm, yeah...kind of NOT)
At least, I enjoy the Monday posts, hosted by Sheila where we all brag or rather, discuss,
what we've been reading,
what we finished (if anything) and
what we might read in the future...

I've felt a bit scattered here and there.....

Spent time with my grandson this weekend, had loads of fun just being goofy and laughing for no real reason, running around (as much as I can run) chasing each other down the hall, dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba and Lady GaGa...somehow they all fit together.

As far as reading goes...
Every Friday afternoon, right before the students in my afterschool program get to play and participate in "club" day, we go in for 20-30 minute reading sessions. With my group, I use this time to read to the students - who are mostly in fourth grade. For the last three months, we've been reading a book by Dan Gutman titled Nightmare at the Book Fair. (No excerpt available on Mr Gutman's website for this book, but there is a whole list of other books, complete with other excerpts) This book is pretty amazing, as the author has taken a simple plot - getting hit in the head, and experiencing many different styles of book stories a la Dorothy/Wizard of Oz...and used it to write in many different writing styles....mystery, fantasy, comic book, dictionary, and even a Dr. Seuss style of poetry. We laughed and laughed during the reading of this, although I have to say the nothing ever compared to the first story that Trip Dinkleman fell into. The entire book is a satire of all books ever written....We finished the book Monday ( didn't want to wait for Friday)

and this Friday we started reading Jon Scieszka's Spaceheadz. A very good book featuring a public school, a new kid, two aliens from outerspace disguised as students with their leader, who is disguised as a hamster...and an alien hunter...complications galore and enough Scieszka's signature silliness to keep both the group and ME interested. :)

Jon Scieszka has written such masterpieces (I'm serious, children's masterpieces...) as The Stinky Cheese Man, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, Math Curse, Science Verse, and many, many others - all very funny books.

I have made quite a dent in reading Bone Song by John Meaney - it's a hell of a book. I find it hard to describe in just a few sentences...but take some steampunk, some gothic feel, and some batmanesque settings, with some fantasy background and you have the setting and world building of Bone Song...oh, and add vehicles that can fly through the works. It works pretty well. I am enjoying this book pretty much...hell, a lot. This is one of those books that even only halfway though, I'm wondering about a sequel...and yes, a sequel is out = Dark Blood. Apparently Mr Meaney also writes under the name Thomas Blackthorne (futuristic Edge series).

I'm also currently reading Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich - Diesel, a character in some of the Stephanie Plum books is features in this new series. Ms Evanovich's books are always slightly light, humorous reads with kind of dark undertones...murder, robbery, etc. I've enjoyed her Plum books and I'm enjoying this new least I think it's a new series.

I found Dark Space (Marianne DePierres, who I believe MUST be a genius - look at all the sci-fi and varied subject matters she writes! amazing) which I had started to read and then misplaced in my usual haphazard fashion. So I have started reading this again. Good space book that I am glad I re-found. It's good reading. I couldn't find an excerpt on the website, but you can read more about the series by clicking on the link or going to GoodReads. I was able to contact the author, herself, on GoodReads when I was trying to find another of her novels. I found her very approachable - she lives all the way over in Australia, and yet was willing to help me find a copy of one of her novels, which I was finally able to get through Abe Books.

A book that I wanted to buy with my Border's Bucks wasn't in the store yet, and since the Border's Bucks expire within a few days, I decided to take a chance with this debut novel by an author named Sonya Bateman. The book is Master of None. Take an unlucky thief, a reluctant djinn, a vague destiny and people after the unlucky thief and you have Master of None. I read the first chapter, and it seems promising. An excerpt is available through Simon & Schuster - just click on the book image.

It's funny - I have a lot of books featured here, but I only finished one book...and that was a children's book that we've been reading for months! lol

I've been busy - ummm.....errrr...yah, trippin on the internet and goofin off. I've been reading, but not as much as I really would like to.

With so many good books here, I need to get back into my reading rythym...soon.

We'll see what tomorrow brings..I will have an announcement - maybe two.

laughs mysteriously.......mwhahahaha...

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  1. Nightmare At The bookfair looks good! Hope your Mondays are going better. :)

    Hope you join the Monday What Are You Reading this week as well - this is a special anniversary addition that I am very excited about! :)