Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suzanne McLeod- Book Releases-contest info-Suzanne McLeod!!!

Chapter one of The Bitter Seed of Magic is available here
for Chapter two of The Bitter Seed of Magic, click on the book cover

For a taste of The Cold Kiss of Death click on cover above

I have a few things to mention here, and a treat for you...

One of my favorite writers, Suzanne McLeod is releasing her third novel, The Bitter Seed of Magic over in the U.K. Februrary 17, 2011.
The Bitter Seed of Magic is the third novel in the series .
Never fear, if you are one of my fellow impatient readers in the U.S. who have already read her other two novels....The Bitter Seed of Magic is being released in the U.K. on February 17th, but The Book Depository (who is very wonderful, and does NOT charge postage) will ship this book to you in the U.S. (and other countries)

Suzanne McLeod's second novel, The Cold Kiss of Death is releasing in the U.S. April 26 2011. Of course, it's available right now in the U.K.

The first novel of the series, The Sweet Scent of Blood, is available right now in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Ms McLeod is also hosting a weekly contest in honor of her book releases - a schedule is posted on her blog. If you follow her blog, though, you won't have to remember when to go enter for the contests, etc.

Now, if you haven't read her books yet, then click on the book covers above which will take you to excerpts of her novels. You will read them and get a taste of her writing, which will make you want to read more....and you'll have discovered a great author with entertaining novels that are at times humorous, spooky and touching - (sometimes all at the same time!) and always good. I have enjoyed everything that I've read by her.
Some other fun news for me, is finding out that Suzanne has a short story coming out in an anthology (Charlaine Harris) August, 2011. The short story is a story titled Full Scale Demolition...more on that later. The name of the anthology is Home Improvement:Undead Edition. (Love the title)
If you HAVE read her first - then you have more to look forward to coming soon. :)

There is an excerpt of her latest, The Bitter Seed of Magic available here courtesy of Suzanne McLeod (Thanks Suzanne!)
And stay tuned because on Tuesday, I'll include another little snippet of the latest novel.
so, click on the link directly above and enjoy!

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