Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Oh Monday!

One of my favorite Memes is signaling to me that another Monday has yet rolled around. Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey, this is where I normally list the books, or rather book that I've finished reading, the books I'm hoping to start reading etc. However this week, even though I had days...DAYS off of work to read, I did not finish one single book. Nope. This was a week of even more intense B.A.D.D. than normal for me.....I would pick a book up to read, get distracted, misplace it and find another....repeating this cycle until I had in my hands at one time or another SIX OR MORE books. I'm listing the ones I remember off the top of my head - at least I read more than two pages of these books...there were others that - seriously - I was only able to read a paragraph (if that).
Se La Vi, that's life.

I was able to read about three pages of The Darkest Edge of Dawn - Kelly Gay. I was enjoying this, but alas, a grandchild came over and the rest of the day was spent playing monster grandma to his monster grandson - and then reading Dr. Suess's ABC book...and his Tooth Book. Good Stuff - and when I find The Darkest Edge of Dawn, I hope to be able to read some more.....

When my grandson was picked up, I found my copy of Black Dust Mambo, by Adrian Phoenix - and took it with me to the Dr.'s office - a good place to get some reading done because of course, when ever one visits the doctor, there is lots of waiting involved.....plenty of uninterrupted reading time. I was able to get two chapters read before I was called into the patient room. And at home, I was able to get another chapter read....So far, and interesting book with black magic, dreadlocks, blood and gore.....And then Thanksgiving arrived, bringing with it the inevitable stoppage of reading to socialize with people. And of course.....I don't know where I left the book now. Of Course.

After Thanksgiving, my father came to stay a few nights with us - always a good thing. I was able to get a teeny bit of reading done, and I am almost finished with The Manny, by Holly Peterson - but I was also visiting with my father, whom I haven't been able to see for quite some time. Most of my Friday was spent dozing and talking...then my granddaughter came over for her sleepover...I put the book aside, and - yep! I'm not sure where this one is either. And THIS ONE IS A HARDBACK - they're a little harder to misplace, being bigger and...harder (that's what she said) yet - I have managed to temporarily lose this one also.

Of course, being the obsessive book buyer that I am, I do not have a lack of books to choose from, and recently I did manage to get a copy of Shotgun Sorceress by Lucy A. Snyder. This is the sequel to Spellbent, which I read and reviewed months ago. I remember loving Spellbent despite the horrendous info-dumping right in the middle of a crazy fight/action sequence. I read, so far, the first five or so pages (no info-dumping so far) before I misplaced this book too. I love this cover though - here is the character with her missing eye, and gloved flaming gauntlet arm - she has been seriously harmed by magic in the first book, without miraculous healing. Refreshing - a deformed character. Her eye is glowing GREEN, folks. GREEN.

Well - even if I did misplace a few of my books, I did find Bitter Angels (C.L. Anderson), a book that I had previously temporarily forget where I laid it. In fact, this would be the book that I have in front of me, right now. Reading it presently - and I've gotten past the 100 page mark. Earlier I had noted that there were two main characters (first person) pov. But a third person pov has been introduced, this one in third person we now have two first person accounts, and one third person account. So Far. And the story is coming long - a space age, mystery scifi. Interesting so far.

I also was able to read, in the midst of grandchildren, moviegoing, and family visits and the major misplacing of books - to read the first two chapters of The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald. This one has shades of Australia within it. Not sure why I'm saying this, but I remember reading about this book a year ago....and I'm pretty sure that Australia has something to do with this novel - Can't remember if it's the author, the setting, or maybe it's just the name, but that fact sticks in my mind. I might look it up....maybe. Now I'm pretty sure this book isn't lost - just in one of my bags...I tend to keep a book in the bags I use for work, traveling, etc. You never know when you're going to be sitting around with nothing to do but read.

My father's girlfriend also sent me a copy of The Time Traveler's Wife. That should be an interesting read. That's the novel a movie was made out of recently. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm looking forward to the book.

That's it for now folks. Let's hope that sometime soon, I find my misplaced books and am able to read a bit more of them.


Sorry - other than the meme host, this post is link-less for now. Tired...exhausted....sooooo tired. :) But I did get to see the grandchildren quite a bit, see a great movie and visit with my father - who also, by the way, fixed my desktop computer (yeay DAD~).


  1. Well despite not getting a book finished it sounds like it was a good week. I love days off because I do get more done reading wise than through the week. I am especially looking forward to winter break.

    Hope you have a good reading week.

  2. Sounds like you had a busy week! But I think you had a good time, too. The reading can wait!

    For your sake, I do hope this week is a little quiter...

  3. Some very interesting reads - I think I may have to check out a few of them. Thanks, hon!

  4. You have some good titles going! Enjoy and get some rest - I am feeling a bit tired myself today and have no time to be! :)

  5. I have times where I can't focus on a book either. Usually I reread an old favorite to get me back in the groove of things. Hope you have a great Monday!

  6. Here's hoping you get to finish one of those books this week! I read Black Dust Mambo and I liked it. I think. I'm still wrapping my head around it. It was a lot to take in. Have a great week!