Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Monday, again

Hosted by Sheila of Book Journey, "It's Monday..." is one of my favorite weekly Memes. Click on the icon to take you to her site, where you can learn more. But basically, we list books we've read, we're reading, and maybe what we have planned to read.

This was the shortest weekend I've ever flew by. Well, here we are, another least for us school employees it's only a two day week (oh yeah!). I was reunited with a step-granchild that I haven't seen in almost a year, and then ended up babysitting him for a few hours. I had my granddaughter overnight, and spent way too much time on facebook and farmville (I both love and hate that game - I need ONE more neighbor to expand my farm...ONE MORE!) I didn't read as much as I had planned to, but I did get a little reading accomplished on Saturday - in between bouts of farmville harvesting and giving/accepting farmville gifts. Geez, takes so much energy! LOL. I also cleaned off the top of my dresser, finding some items (mostly useless) that I haven't seen in almost two years....(Don't Judge, lest you be judged....haha, okay - I am lazy, and have little energy. The energy I do have, I don't choose to use cleaning, much. HeeHee) So, back to reading information...Don't you just love that you get to read little snippets of my humdrum life before we get to the meat of the post? NO?!? sorry. *g*
I finished reading Magic At the Gate. Kick-Ass book, in fact, in my opinion, this is the fifth kick-ass book in a series of kick-ass books.

I am still reading Bitter Angels, and the more I get into it, the more I like it. This book is written in first person, but from two different points of view. Thankfully, whenever the character switches, the chapter is titled with the character's name. So far, there have only been two, Therese and Amerand. I like this book, there's some interesting world building going on, but I keep setting it in odd places and then not being able to find it when I want to read...and after finishing Magic at the Gate, I needed something a bit I picked up...
The Manny by Holly Peterson. This is as different from Urban Fantasy as you can get (I like to read something completely different after reading one of the best books in Urban Fantasy, because otherwise, nothing is as interesting, you know?) The Manny is about a very rich couple who are so busy that the kids are feeling the lack, and the mom is worried, so she hires a male influence, thus - the Manny. Interesting concept, and of course, you know there are going to be complications....Even though I can already tell what's going to happen in the end, (or I think I know), the writing is interesting, the dialogue is good, and it's kind of fun reading about the ultra rich being such ...well, clueless asses. (faint apologies, if you're one of the clueless rich....LOL)

Every Friday, I read at least two chapters out of Nightmare at the Book Fair, by Dan Gutman to my group of afterschool program kids. I run a large program, we split the children up usually by grade levels, into groups no larger than twenty. Somehow I ended up with 6th, 4th and 3rd graders in my group, though.

I received Greyfriar, Book 1 of the Vampire Empire by Clay and Susan Griffith from Sara's Urban Fantasy Blog. It is a twist in the vampire stories (humans have migrated to the equatorial areas, to escape vampires) and is a bit futuristic also. Looking forward to reading this very soon.

It occurs to me that I have quite a few books sitting around that I want to read -
As Lie the Dead (Kelly Meding)
Artificial Nights and A Local Habitation by Seanan Maguire
Double Cross (Caroline Crane)
Darkest Part of Dawn (Kelly Gay)
These are just a few, and I'm half asleep suddenly, so I don't even know If I'm spelling things right - time for bed.


  1. Nightmare at the Book Fair looks like it would be a cute book and I am definitely interested in reading Vampire Empire. I saw a review of it already and it sound interesting with a unique twist on the whole vampire genre. Have a great week and a lovely Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh, Manny caught my should be interesting. Hope you enjoy everything.

    I've tried to avoid Farmville! LOL

    Here's my Monday:

  3. Greyfriar sounds really good. Hope you have a great weekend

    MY week Here

  4. Oh my! Nightmare at the Bookfair looks so so good! I can't wait to see what you think of it. And I really like the looks of Vampire Empire. :o)

    Have a fabulous reading week, a Happy Thanksgiving (if it applies ;o) ) and if you have a second take a look at what I’ve been reading at There’s A Book.

  5. I love that it is a short week too... woo hoo!!! Enjoy your books!