Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am Sooooo relieved.  After hours of frustrations (interspersed with watching a couple of my favorite Wednesday night TV shows - I'm not that dedicated to the internet, guys!) I finally figured out what the hell was keeping me from using all the edit buttons and format possibilities of both Blogger and Live Journal.
Would you believe that it was the security settings?  I was all ready to download an older version of Internet Explorer, or FireFox or even Mozilla, when I decided to check the version of explorer that I had.  For some reason I decided to set my security settings to default - well, really I kept noticing that add-ons were being blocked and decided to find out what those were.  I'm guessing they were something to do with the function of the computer, rather than pop-ups as I was kind of thinking they were.  Anyway, after a hunch, I changed the securtiy settings and then decided to try one more time on Blogger and There They Were.  All the formatting buttons that were previously missing.  Not only were they finally there, but they were usable!
Nice, very Nice.

In Honor of finally figuring this snafu out, here are some of the book covers that I wanted to put on my Waiting on Wednesday post.....of course I'm still having problems putting the pictures exactly where I want them, but that's a Blogger issue - not a browser issue.


  1. I am so going to have to read P. Biggs eventually I think I would really like her books. I love her covers!

  2. Yay! Have just read all about your new laptop (woot! V. cool son you have :-)) and the settings trials! Glad you got them sorted, it can be sooooo frustrating sometimes *sigh*

  3. Felicia - Patricia Briggs writes such a variety of books, that there's bound to be at least one of her series that you like. Theres Paranormal Romance (the alpha and omega series), the urban fantasy (with Mercy Thompson character), and various fantasy books such as Hob's Bargain and Masques.

    Suzanne, I could feel my belly and my blood boiling! Have I ever mentioned how impatient I can get? ;)

  4. 'Have I ever mentioned how impatient I can get? ;)'


    Oh, and I was wondering if you got my last couple of emails? Or if your nasty trojan ate them?

  5. I got an e-mail from you a couple weeks ago. One where you mentioned Skin Game (I forgot I won that! = I should be getting it soon.) My son says he quaratined the virus or trojan, but my desktop is pretty slow at times, and sometimes I can't do anything on it.

    It's been pretty sweet though, sitting on the couch, puttin up my feet and still being able to work the internet! To be safe, I pushed the button that says treat all computers as public's something to do with networking. I don't want the trojan to spread to this laptop when I'm hooked up to the internet...Which would be possible since it and this is on the same "network". I don't know what I'm doing half the time anyway! LOL