Saturday, September 25, 2010

finders keepers

I mentioned recently that I had misplaced my copy of When Blood Calls (J.K. Beck)

I was feeling a little bad about it, because I felt like it was taking me too long to read it. When Blood Calls has just recently been released. Actually, it's been almost a month. Great! now I feel even worse!!!!

I was trying to read it so I could get the review finished near the release date, but then things were happening. stuff. Work Stuff. Body Stuff. Grandchild Stuff. Grandmother Stuff. Mom visiting from Panama Stuff. Feeling Tired Stuff. More Work Stuff...

{This is what happens when I stay up late and post. I tend to ramble a bit. You should see the e-mails I tend to send off to people when I'm like this....up late, the house is quiet, my mind starts leaping from subject to subject...good thing I don't have any issues like bi-polar issues.... I have to cut this short anyway, because I can FEEL my ankles swelling up as I sit here in the chair. I need to go put them up...way up....up high....high in the sky...Yeah! that's enough!}

Back to the book thing - Well anyway, I had finally been able to start reading When Blood Calls, and had made quite a good start. In fact, it's been a promising start. So far, it's been interesting. Not a lot of the heavy breathing romance-throbbing parts issues that are usually in genre romance. (For me, this is a good thing.) So I'm going along, happily reading, but then I have to go to work and sleep and stuff....

One evening I come home from work and decide to relax for once instead of inputting things on the computer at home. I looked for the book....not on my bedside table. Not under the bed. Not in the basket of clothes that are waiting for me to put away (they've been waiting for a looonnnngggg time - they're pretty patient clothes, thank goodness!) The book was also NOT in the living room, nor on any of the shelves, not in the freezer, nor the fridge. It wasn't in the car, under the couches, in the kitchen, or kitchen cabinets...Not in my purse, not in the house, not with a mouse! I couldn't find it anywhere.

I was disappointed. I was just starting to get into the story - you know, past all the introducing of characters and the introduction of the plot....and the reading now has to be put on hold.

Well, it wasn't too torturous a wait, because I was able to read Killbox and The Enchantment Emporium. Both of those books were very, very good. But I need to read When Blood Calls. At this point I'm feeling like I'm reneging on my part of a bargain, since I signed up to read this for review, and I received a free ARC for this purpose.

To pass the time, I recently started reading The Replacement (Brenna Yovanoff). After a few days of fairly serene weather, we were hit with a heatwave...(for me, this entails weather that is over 85 degrees. Don't Laugh, this is tough for me. And the temperature was close to 100 degrees today!) We've had weather that jumps from 70 degrees to 100 degrees - back and forth and back again. In fact, about three weeks ago we had over 100 degree weather.....

I picked up a pair of shorts that I had left in the bathroom, folded on the stool......(a square little mini-bench) and heard a THUD. Looked down, and what do I see? (a little dog, and he's looking at me.**...- not really.) I saw a dark cover...with red's kind of heavy for a's -----YES! It's When Blood Calls, by J.K. Beck. It seems that the book was INSIDE my pair of pants. I don't know why. Nobody knows why. It just is. So of course, after I get done messing around on the computer I get to finish reading the book - I have a little over halfway to go. Now I feel better about signing on to review this novel. I hope to have it finished by Sunday. I hope to have both books finished by Sunday, but I think I need to be reasonable.

Current Reads (as opposed to the 10 or so books that I've started reading and put aside for one reason or another....) are:

  1. A Cup of Normal by Devon Monk
  2. When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck (aka Julie Kenner)
  3. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

**first person to correctly identify the paraphrased quote, gets a prize. HINT- it's paraphrased from a child's book

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