Wednesday, September 29, 2010

computer presence and voting

If you haven't stopped by and read Vampire Kissed and the Eye - go over there and read. Good story. Then of course, you can vote for the story, since most likely, you'll like that story better than the others.....(it's good!) Written by Julie Campbell, who's user name on vampire kissed website is Firewolf.

My computer was hit with a nasty trojan, so my computer presence will be a little spotty. I'm still reading and hoping to post reviews though, whenever I can. My son has been working on my computer, and has gotten it to where I can use it a bit, but it's weird. I'm thinking of taking out a "son" loan to buy myself that laptop I've been thinking of. A "son" loan is where you borrow money from whichever son will loan it to you, and promise to pay it back. Then you try to pay it back, a bit at a time.....MWahahaqhahahahahahahahha (they owe for being birthed anyway, right?)

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