Saturday, September 4, 2010

caramel corn, football and rupunzel

I'm totally failing at reading challenges, even the mini reading challenges. I'm reading The Enchantment Emporium for the GLBT AUGUST reading challenge and as most of you know by now, August is now over. I'm still reading this book though - because A-it's interesting and entertaining and B-hey, it's Tanya Huff. She's always a good book....I shouldn't say that, because although I've read most of her other "magic" contemporary books, I couldn't stay interested in her Smoke and Mirrors series. I didn't hate them, but just didn't feel like finishing Smoke and Mirrors. Someday, I'll try again.

I'm over halfway through this book, and am enjoying it immensely! Normally I would have had it finished within a couple of days, but work and all the afterhours computer data inputing crap I'm doing is totally kicking my ass. The other free time seems to be spent with grandchildren (which I can't get upset over - it's the grandchildren!) or sleeping. Way more important than finishing challenges, although I can't help that little teeny incessant guilty feeling about not finishing things........

I've also noticed that since I've been too busy/sick/tired/busy again to post regularly - I don't think ANYONE is reading my blog anymore. No one is commenting, so now I'm feeling a little lonely and ......lonely......

Ah well, that's the way of the internet and our attention spans nowadays.
Not that I even considered my blog a hugely important busy blog - but it's nice to see a few comments here and there, so you don't feel like your just typing to yourself...which I probably am, anyway. Time to start de-lurking and commenting on other people's blogs. This is something that I struggle with, because I always have this feeling that whatever I might find to say would have already been said by someone else, or else it would be boring or unimportant......I've always struggled a bit with shyness and being taught as a child to NOT bring attention to myself. Those lessons stick with you for your whole life.

On a less possibly whiny and hopefully a more positive note, my evening was spent with just my granddaughter and I together watching Astro Boy on cable demand, popping caramel corn, burning home-made french fries and switching back and forth from a kid's show to the Fresno State football game to watch a friend of my boys play football. He's on defense and it was trippy to see him on t.v., all suited up and at his football aggressive best, stopping the other team from scoring. It was a lot of fun, even though I didn't see every play. My granddaughter was also pretty excited to see him on t.v. and learned his jersey number pretty quick. She pointed him out to me a few times - yelling out "He's Winning!" everytime she saw him onscreen. Then of course, she kept looking for his girlfriend, who she just loves. He's brought her over a few times and she's been sweet enough to really pay attention to a little toddler girl, winning over her heart forever.

The granddaughter is now in bed, after telling me a long drawn out bedtime story about Rupunzel that had parts from a satire Rupunzel book mixed in with the more traditional story. In her version, the prince forgets that Rupunzel actually has a back door. There's nothing like having a mixed up fairytale told to you in a whisper by a three year old girl.
Night Preciosa!

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