Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuff - school stuff

The first day of school was Tuesday

Since I wasn't scheduled for lunch duty,
All I had to do at my first job site was library stuff.
Of course, I didn't get to see any of the students yet
- library doesn't officially open for a couple of weeks
Tomorrow will be one and a half hours of lunch duty
Not sure if I can handle that
But I'll try
But at the second job site- that's a different story
I went back on Friday to prepare
computer/deskwork on Friday and Mondy
Severe neck and shoulder pain each night (Oh.My.God)
Today was our first day
At our school (and probably at most)
Our afterschool program begins the first day of school
We roll over the students-
Not literally of course (c'mon, really?LOL)
We see who shows up the first week
any who didn't show up, we drop
then we open it up for other students...
seems a little difficult for new kids to get in then, doesn't it?
This is the first school that I've worked at that does it this way.
at the first school I did afterschool program,
it was first come, first serve.
EVER one had to fill out papers every year
Just because your kid was in the year before was no guarantee that they would be in again.
Not so here
I'm still not sure which I prefer, but...
We had 83 students show up today
At the end of the school year last year we had 134 students enrolled
I'm sure more will show up tomorrow
So Far, everything went smoothly for the first day
The staff from the city parks and rec department (we sub contract out) seem to be competent
I've worked with four of them before, so I know they'll be great
The other two, and a third that starts next week, are unknown to me
I have NO idea what they'll be like
Hopefully not Bat-Shi-Crazy

I haven't been able to do much on the computer
No It's Teaser Tuesday this week
No Waiting On Wednesday
No reviews waiting to be written (think I caught up last week)
I'm still reading Spin State, although I haven't been able to read much this week so far
I'm going to start (actually I have read the first two chapters) of When Blood Calls (J Beck)
Will be starting The Replacement soon
Still need to read a book for the GLBT challenge - it's a toss up between Jes Battis or Tanya Huff
I have books for both here - maybe I can get both read
Received from my British Book Fairy the first two Marjorie M. Liu books
Tiger Eye
Shadow Touch
They came in the mail on Tuesday
So happy!
I'm such a nerd, I get very happy whenever I get a book in the mail or from the bookstore
Don't care if it's used or brand-new
Love Books
Which reminds me -
Would anyone be interested in Moonshine (Alaya Johnson) if I hole another book contest?
Only five people entered the last one, but I'm willing to do it, if you're willing to enter!
Okay - Later, folks...and
Thank You, My "over-the-pond" Book Fairy!
I appreciate it SOOO much!

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