Friday, August 20, 2010

feel good Friday

Feed Good Friday - a very fun post designed by Erica, The Girl Next Door, to remind us of our blessings - the good stuff! We do all need to remember there are good things in our life, not just the stressful.

It's that time again...
Oh, Thank the Good Lord (s?) (Goddesses???) Above - It's the last day of the work week
This week has physically kicked my ass...
Although, mentally it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be
a little stressful, dealing with the afterschool program, but not too bad!
And although I lost my inhaler, and ran out of the other inhaler...Even though the week seemed to craw by at times....Even though my car broke down one day before my job started back up...
Even though I was in more pain than usual...
I'm still breathing,
and the week is still coming to an end,
and my daughter-in-law made sure I got to work everyday,
and once in a while the pain meds worked.

Sometimes, I felt a little overwhelmed - but I took it one problem at a time
(really, what else can you do?)

Other times, it felt like I was being stalked by both teachers and parents who wanted their kids in the afterschool program....
there are over 500 kids in our school, and we only can serve 120 children - of which 100 are returning from the previous year....
see the problem?
they really need at least two other programs to happen here...
But when I came home each night, there was my dog and or a grandchild and we did a lot of this...(picture the above, only with an old tired woman, a puppy, and a boy or girl granchild---and lots of books and barbies strung ALL OVER THE BED and COUCH)
It was all I could do once I got home, but toddlers and preschoolers are pretty good at adapting their play.
They're just as happy crawling all over grandma, or laying by me for reading or barbies!
It's all good!
Good Times!!!


  1. Wow, what a week you've had. I love that you were able to find some humor in it with those photos! What a great daughter in law to drive you to work. We're in a small school district, too, so I understand how limiited you are!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  2. That was perfect and wonderful!!! You totally found your feel good moment!

    My SIL ran an after school program for a few years and the parents were nuts!!!

  3. Sorry you had a crappy week, but you really had a good attitude about it, and that is a true blessing. A few weeks ago I had a crappy week and couldn't even put a Friday post together and I missed all of the people in this meme. The next time I have a terrible week I am going to remember this post, strive to find the good just like you did and take it one thing at a time. Keeping you in my prayers!


  4. I would have no problem coming home to that as long as I got to sleep in the bed without the Barbies, the books and the extra bodies no problem....

    I hope the car is back up and running soon, inhaler meds are full and pain meds work better this next work week go round!!

    Rest over the weekend hopefully and recharge your batteries...

    TGIF and love your kitteh version dog pile!
    jackie ^_^

  5. Yep- the dil is pretty cool. Between her and my son - I was able to get to work and then the husband was able to make sure I got home. This is when having a house full of people pays off - everyone pitches in during an emergency.

    I'm totally going to be lazy again this weekend. I foresee lots of reading and dozing!