Friday, August 13, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I started to do a feel good friday post, then went into a tangent about a writer who complains incessantly about her life. I saved the post, because I think it might be too angry to post, even though I'm very tempted...

Feel Good Friday - hosted by Erica at The Girl Next Door Grows Up

But now I'm going to concentrate on a good thing. As usual, my Feel Good Friday Post revolves around my grandchildren. Today it's all about the grandson...

My grandson had his overnight with daddy tonight. He spent the day throwing toys around (he's really in a good mood while he does this), coloring on his books and some of mine, left a crayola marker uncapped on the couch (his dad thought I put them away when I was going to the doc today, and I thought he was going to put them away...) making a huge circle of orange on the seat cushion. He ate constantly - no matter how much he eats, he doesn't get pudgy - he's big, but tall. He has strewn toys from one end of the house to another - from the front hall to daddy's bedroom to my bedroom. He found a knick knack of mine and showing off his throwing arm, hucked it across the room and broke it. He played a lot with SkippyJon. He wanted a bath, which I gave him and was very cute, but THREE different times he managed to completely soak about two feet worth of bathroom floor. It took two towels to clean up. The boy kept his dad on the run today. When dad went to work it was my turn. I got the bath time - the very wet busy bath. I ended up wet also, of course. LOL For some reason, it's necessary that he wears his sunglasses in the night....(I wear my sunnnn-glasses at night, so I can....I forget the rest of the words to that song) We finally sat down for books.... and then ..... sleep ensues.

<---doesn't he look sweet and totally innocent?

don't let this fool you!
really, the funny thing is - the whole time he's being Dr. Destructo, he's so damned sweet about it!
How does he manage that?

One time, when he was cutely and sweetly running away from me, I made the mistake of trying to pick him up-this is the guy that tore my bicep muscle. Doesn't he look sweet?

We play Zombie Baby together - he's the zombie...

When he was sick a few days ago with a high fever, the only way I could get him to take a sip of juice was to tell him my dog wanted him to drink. So he drank for Skippy...awwwww

When he's with us spending the night, he likes to have his daddy put him to bed. But when dad is at work, it's my turn. Right before he drops off, he grabs one of my arms, hugs it and absent mindedly, rubs my arm, up and's kind of soothing, really. See? Sweet.

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  1. Aren't grandsons great? Mine too goes back and forth, here with his mommy and to his daddy and other grandparents at least 2 times a week. He handles it fine but it get rough on the adults. He'll be 3 in November and has already learned to play us all against each other. Grandma S. let me do this, etc. and he uses such a deep voice when he's mad. But you are right, even when being naughty he is still so cute!!