Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check this out

Kalayna Price is the author of three novels . Two of them are available now; although they aren't available in stores, they can be ordered online-this is something I plan to do just as soon as I'm done catching up with bills/car repair/etc (end of summer is a bitch for people working in a school schedule).

The books that are out now are titled Once Bitten and Twice Dead. I was able to read excerpts of them and they seem great.

Ms Price is also releasing the first of a new series, Grave Witch. This one seens like it'll be very good also. So, in order to celebrate her new release (hopefully to be stocked in stores) she has a widget available, as well as a contest. Check out the contest here.

For excerpts and sneak peeks, click on the book images.

Another writer that I'm looking forward to reading is J.A. Saare. I first heard of her through, I don't remember where I first read about J.A.Saare's book, Dead, Undead, or somewhere in between - but it was somewhere. I read an excerpt and liked it. This book is available as an e-book or print on demand through Eternal Press.

sorry, can't find the excerpt. *** Excerpt found! Click on cover for Excerpt no. 1 and here for excerpt no 2. Right when I was trying to post this, my son had to leave, the grandson was in a tub full of water and I had to hurry up. Hours later, I found the excerpt.

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