Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A smorgasbord of posts...All SMASHED into one :)

On a personal level, I finally had a six year old, gnarly-looking, long, wide and curvy scar covered with a tattoo. I am SO relieved to have this done, because during hot weather, whenever I wore tank tops - the scar, completely visible to all, would turn a lovely shade of flourescent lavender. On other days, the scar would be a more calm shade of dull RED. It's hard to find an exact color match in the font colors, but I tried. For you. Because I'm cool like that!
This is my third tattoo since I turned 45. This is my third tattoo in my whole life. It took me awhile to justify spending money on my skin, That I could use buying books, pepsi, clothes...

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I finally reviewed Stormwalker by Allyson James (5 *'s out of 6)
By the way, the copy is in excellent condition and up for a giveaway. Read the particulars - one of the easiest contests ever- and comment here to enter. I enjoyed this novel quite a bit.

I also finished reading and reviewed Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane. (6 *'s out of 6). Enjoyed the hell out of this book. It's a keeper, for sure. Thank goodness, the sequel is out yesterday (!) and the third in the series is due August 5th. Three in Three Months! That's a series reader's dream! I like this series a lot better than Stacia Kane's Demon series. (Personal Demons, etc) They were good reads, but this one just kicked-ass!
I also finished reading Kelley Armstrong's Waking the Witch, one of the Women of the Other World series. I haven't reviewed it yet, the review will be up next week - closer to the sell date.

A couple of other reads included Metro Cat, Go Dog, Go and a few other various children's books.
Currently, I've started reading (among other scattered books) the following books, which will also serve for Teaser Tuesday.
Tanya Huff's Summon the Keeper. This is the first of her Keeper series, and is a book that I read long ago (10 or 12 years ago). Over the years, and two or three moves in the meantime, I seem to have misplaced or given away my copy. However, and ANGEL recently sent me some books to read, and this was in the package, bringing back nostalgic memories. I'm very glad to have this novel again. Summon The Keeper will also help me with 3 reading challenges, Flashback Reading Challenge, the Cat Book Reading Challenge, and the 2010 Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge. I can't find an author website, so the link leads to Wikepedia - the font of all information LOL
The teaser needs some set up - Claire is trying to check in to a Guest House, dealing with a cantankerous clerk. {From page 10- more than two sentences}
..."I'd like a room for the night."
His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "That all?"
"What else is there?"
Claire had never been challenged to breakfast before. "If it's included, breakfast is fine." Another time, she might have managed a more spirited response. The she remembered. "Do you take pets?"
"I do not! That's a filthy lie! You've been talking to Mrs. Abrams next door in number thirty-
five, haven't you? Bloody cow. Lets her great, hairy baby crap all over the drive."
I bought Nightwalker (Jocelyn Drake)a couple of years ago, started to read it, and became distracted by...B.A.D.D. Info about half-way down the post (that's my excuse, stickin' with it!). Nothing wrong with the book, I just became distracted; I have recently re-discovered it among my TBR shelves (yes, shelves)
From page 96:
"I awoke to find myself locked in a box. For a brief moment a wave of panic surged through my frame and I nearly screamed."

I have to say, that in a moment of severe weakness of mind...or temporary insanity, I actually PAID money for this. WHY?!!??!!!!??? I haven't enjoyed the last four books!!! At least I waited for the paperback, and from 2009 - I really wasn't even going to buy it, but I thought - "well maybe she's going back to writing plots and action - er, adventure, crime solving, danger.....We'll see.
from page 10:
"You don't talk much do you?" (a sheriff to Anita Blake)
"I say what needs saying."
"You're damn quiet for a woman."
Just one of many, many times that a man will say to Anita some form of "you're so ____ for a woman", or "You _____just like a man.". It's just so.....It just sounds so.....It makes it seem like EVERYONE who happens to be male is so suprised that Anita Blake doesn't fit in any stereotypes from 1950 of approved for women behavior. "GOD!!!! it's 2010 now. COME ON!
Sorry, bit of a rant there - over something that's just not going to change with this person's writing. It appears to be stuck.

On to happier, and much better writing skills.
For my Waiting on Wednesday, here are just two of the many, well written books that I will be happy to get.
Coming out in the U.K. November 2010 (there's always The Book Depository for those U.K. releases) is Suzanne McLeod's The Bitter Seed of Magic - third in the series. More adventures of Ginny Taylor - mixed fae and Other (don't want to spoil for those who haven't read the books yet) I can't wait to read it! Suzanne McLeod's female characters are strong, and her vampires are sinister. There is a whole mix if "other" species withing her series. A police/constable is a troll, Genny's boss is a Satyr, Genny has acquaintances who are vampires, witches, brownies....Great series. If you're in the U.S. you should invest in The Sweet Scent of Blood (#1), and keep your eyes out for The Cold Kiss of Death (2). Both books are a wonderful example of urban fantasy writing.
Last, but definitely not least, is Terry Pratchett, also of England. I have every single one of his Discworld novels (even all the YA books). In fact, this book is the fourth in the Tiffany Aching section (YA) of this discworld novels. I Shall Wear Midnight will be coming out September 28, 2010. Mr Pratchett's, or rather Sir Terry Pratchett, imagination is a wonder. I shall Wear Midnight brings together some favorite characters from other Discworld novels, Granny Weatherwax, The Watch, the Nac Mac Feegles and apparently will introduce us to some new characters.
The Nac Mac Feegles are some small wonderfully crazed little fighting blue men. And their mum. One woman can have 100 children. They are about 6 inches tall, and extremely strong. They are afraid of nothing, and believe that dying simply means waking up. The other three books in this set would be Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, and The Wintersmith. Tiffany started out in Wee Free Men as a nine year old girl with the talents of a witch showing up in her actions. These are great books, and I Shall Wear Midnight is another book that I am looking forward to very much.
Ahhh, well - that's quite enough for tonight (this morning-LOL) I just crammed three posts into one, and if you're brave - you'll have read the whole thing.


  1. Hope you get them soon! Happy reading. My WOW and WWW are at The Crowded Leaf.

  2. Great reads! Stop by at my blog The Wormhole. Happy Reading!

  3. I am brave and read {and also skimmed some} the whole thing. I like the tat, not getting one but it is a pretty cool way to cover up the scar if it makes you feel better go for it!!

    I need to get the Stacia Kane's but am waiting on Paperback Swap to get them from and it may take a looooong time that way but that is okay with me as have so much to read now will take me longer to whittle the TBR shelf down... You got in some good reading and how you managed to forego Jocelynn Drake all this time do not know!

    I have changed my "nom de plume" as you can see, jacabur1 is now gone from my profile on Google and my "signature" name has taken it's place....