Sunday, July 25, 2010


One of my favorite food groups is Chocolate......

Second to chocolate, is Caramel. Caramel is just so delicious. But, just as some chocolate is better tasting than others, so I find caramel. Some commercially prepared caramel is so very sumptious - while at the same time, some is simply atrocious.

I wanted to learn how to make my own Caramel.

I looked it up on the internet - isn't that how to learn anything?

I found a bit by Gordon Ramsey (one my new heroes)

I tried it.
Melted the sugar, shook the pan around, added the butter - and then added a bit of half & half cream to "sauce" it up and add some creamy.
It cooled a bit, and I was so ready to taste. You know, caramel is very, extremely hot just to cook it, so it takes a bit of cooling before you can eat it.
Smelled great.
Looked great.
So looking forward to trying this
I love caramel....
Popped some popcorn and drizzled some caramel on top.....
tasted like shit.
Not only that, but everytime I try to taste it, it feels like I'm eating chili. Seriously, my mouth burns - just as if I'd eaten something spicy.
I wonder if the oils from cooking stay in an iron pan - soak in and affect everything that you cook in it. Because seriously, my mouth still feels like I've eaten the spice.
I'm not giving up. I'm going to try again, possibly in another pan - but with slightly lower heat.

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