Monday, May 31, 2010

Weird Comments

Sometimes I get a comment written in Chinese.  I always use the google translator to see what the comment is, and usually its a pretty benign comment.  Sometimes it seems to be a saying that has to do with life, and sometimes it doesn't really relate to what I'm posting about, but it has never irritated me.

On my last post, though, a rather lengty comment was left in Chinese.  I checked the translation and it was about porn sites.  So then I tried to find a way to delete this comment.  Apparently there isn't.  None that I could see anyway.  On my other blog, a livejournal blog, there's a way for me to delete any comments that I don't like.  I haven't had to use it.

I only have a few followers, so it's not like I'm a bigtime blogger, but I don't think I want my blog associated with porn sites, and I wonder why any one would put this type of comment.  I'm not talking about porn myself, and this doesn't really seem like a spam thing.  It's just dumb.

So I've changed my comment options to be previewed first.  I don't know how that will work.  It seems like it'll take a long time for comments to show up unless I check my blog frequently, and sometimes I go all day without checking my email or my  blogs.

So - thanks all you weirdos out there, for affecting my blog

And to those of you who leave normal comments about topics that I actually post about - thank you.  I appreciate your comments.

update!  I researched further, and found out how to delete comments.  I have to say that earlier when I was trying to figure this out, I didn't see any little gray trashcans after eacy comment, but the second time I logged in there they were.  This must be a case of computer gremlins! :)
but The comment moderations remains until these type of comments cease

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  1. I just always delete the Chinese comments. I figure if I can't read it, then it is spammy. Seems like it always takes me a bit to find that little gray trashcan too. It isn't very noticeable!