Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need - Review

Young Adult fantasy
A friend gave me this book. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's not quite as dark as Lili St.Crows YA offerings, but I found it was one of those novels that start off on a steady pace - you think you might be reading something just a bit tame and then WHAAAAMMMMMOOOO! There is some sh-- going down!
There is a young teen (high school age) who is grieving for her stepfather. He's died recently and they were extremely close, just as if he were her real father. She's so down and sad that her mother sends her to stay with her (step)paternal grandmother. Zara is a little pissed about being sent away, but as the days pass she comes to a bit of acceptance - having a grandmother with a sense of humor (this is NOT your typcial grandmother here) and meeting some friendly kids, as well as a very attractive guy, at school helps to take the sting out of being "sent away".
Only things aren't quite as they seem. There are some sinister goings on up in Maine...a boy has just disappeared, and Zara keeps seeing a guy that she's also seen in her hometown.....
In the first half of the book, there are little pieces of Zara's highschool life to learn about. Woven throughout this is a few odd moments that add to the mystery of what's going on. So I'm reading along, feeling kind of calm, things are slowly building up and then in the last half of the book all hell breaks loose. Damn this was good.
There were some downright suspenseful moments. There's a couple of makeout scenes, but nothing too graphic or porn-like- it kind of reminds me of that first time you think "oh, wow - I think there's something about this guy...."
Grandma is a trip - she's pretty practical and down to earth. Teases Zara quite a bit. I would love a grandma like her. Zara's new friends are fun also, although the girl (Issie) character might drive me crazy (very happy and bouncy). There's a guy in a wheel chair, (with dark skin, but we never find out what his ancestry might be), there's Nick the boyfriend material and there is one mysterious guy that does not want Zara to have anything to do with Nick. Then there's the obligatory mean girl (Megan) that is full of hate on first sight for Zara.
The first part of the book was a slow build up - I didn't love or hate it, but the last half of the book - oh boy - I didn't want to put the book down. Captivate - the sequel is available now.
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