Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Monday....and four months have gone by in 2010

"Just another Manic Monday...." I wish I had a key for Music Notes on my computer keyboard, for when I want to quote music lyrics that probably other people don't recognize...Maybe it's good I don't have one afterall. : )

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Along with it being Monday and time for the It's Monday What Are You Reading? MeMe, but it's now May. I'm just a tad irritated with myself because I had planned to ready at least two books a week. I've joined a lot of challenges. I've managed to average one book a week. Unless I've forgotten to list some books (totally possible) I've only finished 19 books so far for 2010. Not very good. In typical me-B.A.D.D.* fashion though, I've started reading quite a number of books. Not only that....but I'm having a hard time choosing what to read next.....


and almost finished with - Rally Fever by Crea Jones.

FINISHED READING - a re-read, really - The Sweet Scent of Blood by Suzanne McLeod. This was the one book that was a very smooth read for me. Very interesting, wonderful plot - one of those books that are hard to put down.....I reviewed it (back when I had NO official followers - Hi everyone!) and wrote that from the very first page, the book just flows...(or something like that). I still feel this way about the book. It's one of those books that keep you interested from page 1 to the last page. In fact it had me anticipating the second book with the first reading. Luckily for me, the second book came very soon after the first. With this second reading, I wanted to dive right into the second book, that I have right on my shelf :), but I put aside another book so I could re-read The Sweet Scent of Blood.

Blind Spot - a short story by Meljean Brook in the anthology Must Love Hellhounds. A short, pleasing offering with a character with an interesting ability. Part of her Guardians series.

BEGAN READING (from one to two chapters at least) or

Need by Carrie Jones
My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
Feed by Mira Grant (....."brains".....)
Wild Hunt by Margaret Ronald
Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass
Vicious Circle by Mike Carey (ghosties and demons)

see? there are at least six books listed. And those are the books just from this week! There are others, that I've teased my brain with from other weeks. I guess my brain likes to mess around until I'm in the mood for a certain style of writing from a certain writer. Maybe the combination has to be just right. Maybe I just can't focus!

*B.A.D.D. = Book Attention Deficit Disorder tm. This is a real syndrome totally made up by me. This debilitating syndrome has quite a few symptoms used by me to excuse a completely disorganized reading routine and has not yet been recognized by the American Medical Association. Funding is virtually non-existent for this horrific disease and I see no relief in the immediate future. The AMA continues to ignore this syndrome, as do most organizations. The closest anyone gets to dealing with this are teachers when they tell kids to sit down and 'FOCUS'. Someday, someone will be a catalyst for change - once they can sit still long enough to read through the phone book. In the meantime, I and millions (or hundreds) of others like me will continue to have ever expanding TBR piles and if they're honest they will have a pile of books that have been started, put aside, re-started, put aside, etc., etc., etc.
Some symptoms (these have been poste by me before but that was a long time ago):

  • inability to choose just one book to read at a time.
  • starting one book and then picking up another book to read
  • doing the above more than once - every day!
  • being in the "middle of reading" at least five books at any given time
  • buying more and more books even though there are plenty of books to read at home
  • continously misplacing books
  • books will be found all over the house - under the bed, in dresser drawers, in the bathroom, kitchen, car trunk, back seat of the car, purse, work, under the couch, in between seat cushions, on the bed, next to the bed, under the dresser, in cupboards,...
  • occasionally buying a book that you ALREADY OWN
  • spending way too much money at the bookstore - every month (or every visit)
  • sneaking to the bookstore
  • hiding books (in the trunk, in the diaper bag, in the work-bag, etc)
  • inability to find all the books that have been hidden
  • inability to actually finish reading more than one book a week
  • strangely - the ability to know within moments of picking up ANY book that has been lying around, what's going on in the book, the characters and supporting cast, no matter how long said book has been lying in wait.

I know it's not the most serious illness to have, or even the most serious made-up illness - but suffering is all relative. Please note - I'm not making light of anyone else's suffering or illnesses. I have my own health problems. This is meant in jest, and fun, although it is an authentic problem that I've made up a name for. - BTW I'm claiming this name and initials, (B.A.D.D.) as a completely made up syndrome of very real symptoms. : ) If anyone is offended, relax - we need to laugh in our lives - not get tense over silly things - I say this just in case.

Planning to read next - after I finish Rally Fever

Need (Carrie Jones) and Shadow Blade (Seressia Glass)

BTW - We just received for our school library, Magic Under Glass (remember the cover-fail?) with the newer more colorific version of a cover. The model is beautiful. I was happy to see this book in the Library Guild Selection this month. Nice, Very Nice. Maybe 'll get a chance to read it soon.


  1. OK I am glad someone has put a name to this disorder. I have many of the symptoms you have listed. The two worst buying more books in the hopes that I will get to them, and inability to choose which one to read next, however, a few of the symptoms have past me by so I guess I have a lighter case than you.

    have a great week.

  2. hah! I think I have B.A.D.D. too!

    Here is my Monday:

  3. I have it, oh no my disorder has a Name now!!!! I am not guilty of the entire list but buying more books even though have plenty to read as in 100's already is my worst offense!! The other is of course reading 4-8 books at the same time without ever finishing one before starting another. I only ,thank goodness, do this every once in a while because prefer to pick one and then read it to completion before starting another.

    Oh and by the by it is another "Manic Monday" I wish it were Sunday that's my Fun day my I don't have to run day!!!! I totally do know the song and have sung it with the girls many times on the radio and since actually have it on a Karaoke disc can sing it with the Bangles any time I want!!!!

    Happy Monday, Happy Reading Mardel..

    Jackie B Central Texas

  4. I think there should be a support group for those of us with it! I have 5 different books going now--in fact last night I was reading a Kay Scarpetta book and wondered why Sookie/Eric weren't there (blame it on the fact that I am re-reading those)!

  5. I have had B.A.D.D. During these times I start and put down several books (some are still laying around with bookmarks 20 pages in...)until finally something sticks and that is the one that gets read.

    It hasnt happened lately but I do have a tendency to leave half read books around and personally account for 4 that I know of right now...

    Have a good week and I hope you find a book you really enjoy :)

  6. Ladies! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! heehee.

    The cure is worse than the disease, though (meaning I haven't made up the cure yet - working on it! has to be horrific!)

    Starting a support group would be great - we chould have manuel (manual?) that NOBODY could FOCUS on becuase we're all suffering from B.A.D.D. !!!! THE IRONY!