Friday, April 30, 2010

reading and stuff

I've spent the last few days when I wasn't at work re-reading The Sweet Scent of Blood - the US version was just released this week. Happily this is one of those novels that are just as good the second time around as the first. There are a lot of books that I read (and movies I watch) that are good for me only the first time around. There are others that I love to re-read. This would be on the re-read list along with Terry Pratchett and a few other choice novelists. I have the UK version of The Sweet Scent of Blood already, so I bought the US version for a friend. Now I just have to wrap it and send it....... :). There will eventually be a total of 6 Spellcrackers books. (yeay!) The first two have already been published in the UK, and hopefully we'll see the second in this series (The Cold Kiss of Death) over here in the US soon. I'm very excited about this series.

After re-reading the above book, I was more in the mood to focus on other books - and since I was already shopping for a book I couldn't resist (of course, I'm a book addict) buying just a couple more. This book, FEED happens to say it's by Mira Grant...But if you've read Seanan McGuire's work and are waiting for more of her books, you'll be happy to know that Mira Grant is a pseudonym of hers. It's not a big secret, so I won't be letting any cats out of any bags. Especially since the copyright on the info page says "Seanan McGuire". Feed is about Zombies = about surviving at least 30 years after the BIG Zombie outbreak. There will be two other books. A trilogy of flesh eating monster fiction.

Then of course, there is Hell Fire - The second in Ann Aguirre's Corinne Solomon series featuring a woman who can sense things with the touch of an object. The first book was Blue Diablo. Not only does Ann Aguirre also writes a trilogy of "hot paranormal apocalyptic action" under the name Ellen Connor (co-writes with Carrie Lofty), but she also writes under the name Ava Gray. These (so-far) two books are in her words "High Octane paranormal romantic suspense - five books so far sold in that series. The two published books are Skin Game and Skin Tight. Ann Aguirre (apparently a writing FIEND!) is releasing YA novels Razorland and Wireville soon, post-apopalyptic fiction - sounds pretty bad-ass! This is of course, the author of the Sirantha Jax books (Grimspace, Wanderlust, Doubleblind, and Kill Box). By my count, that's at least FIVE (5, people!) series. Geez, I can barely get myself to work these days!
And lastly but not least, is Ghosts and Echoes. This is a sequel to Lyn Benedict's Sins and Shadows. Lyn Benedict also writes under the name Lane Robbins - I believe they are fantasy. I enjoyed the angry heroine of Sins and Shadows so much, that I'm looking forward to this second book. I hope she's just as pissed off. (d'ya think per-menopause just might be affecting me a bit?)
I have a few other books that I have to read - two of which I actually promised reviews for - so I'm going to focus on those first. Then I get to decided which book to read next. It's going to be hard to decide - again.
Speaking of reviews. I noticed recently that there are some reviews that I posted on a long time ago - back in April, May, through July in fact that are not up anymore on that website. This is irritating, since one of those reviews is for a book that was sent to me in exchange for the promise that I would review it. It looks like I got the book and just didn't do the review. I clearly remember posting it - but now it's all gone. (Strange Angels) Luckily I also wrote a review on my blog, but I sure hate to think that the agent thinks I reneged on my part of the deal. Thanks a lot Amazon! : (

Currently reading Rally Fever.


  1. I love how much you love Suzanne's series! :)

    The Lyn Benedict books look interesting - I have to try them one day...

  2. {hugs} and thanks for the re-read love, Mardel! I've had my eye on Lyn Benedict's books, so will put them on my TBR list. And what about that Ann Aguirre? *feels inadequate now* Love her books, but I didn't realise she had another series out with Carrie Lofty, so will check it out, thanks :-)

  3. I love the cover on Feed and I will have to put The Sweet Scent of Blood on my TBR List!

  4. Suzanne - didn't you just start writing 5 years ago? That's pretty good! (or do I have you mixed up with Karen? ) Anyway, haven't written ANYTHING - and I'm not likely to. My skill is ......well.....READing!

    Karen - love, love, love her books! Waiting patiently to be able to read one of yours...Soon, right?

    00625TaylorJ_Duraz .....Thanks (?) I'm going to be visiting the google translator again...

    Sheila - They are great

    Felicia - the cover is hell-a-creepy good isn't it? I just loaned the book to my daughterinlaw, because I have a lot ahead of me to read, but I'm looking forward to reading it.