Saturday, March 27, 2010

want to read a little bit of Unholy Ghost?

The first cover, the small kind of blurry cover, was the cover that was going to be used, or the rough draft cover copy. The final cover, the larger much clearer cover is the final draft. I like the retro look of Chess's hair on the first cover, but everything else looks much better on the second version. Check out the tattoos on her arm and back. :)

Stacia Kane's new novel will be coming out soon, {though I'm having a very hard time being patient about this, all I can do is wait though} Only Eight more weeks to go, according to Stacia's blog. June 10th is the official release date. To give us a little treat, and to whet our appetites she has put up an excerpt of Unholy Ghost on her website. This is a different excerpt than the one you can get to by clicking on the cover picture, the newer cover picture. (--->). This is great, and for anyone who has read her other novels (Personal Demons, Demon Inside and Demon Possessed), this series is different. For one thing, the main character, Chess, is addicted to drugs. Even her pov is much different, kind of jaded and a little crude {my kind of girl!} She's definitely no angelic little human, tyring to help others.

It's very cool of Stacia Kane to put up excerpts of her books. I love when an author does that for her/his readers. It's like a little gift.

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