Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday....

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Here we all are, another Monday of the many Mondays of our lives....
This is also my spring break. A lot of schools have just finished their spring break, we are just beginning ours. I'm looking forward very much to lazing around, having a few pajama days, reading lots of boosk (hopefully more than two! at least) and spending a day or two with the grandchildren.

Here's what will probably really happen. Help with the grandson, since I'll be home all day......fall asleep frequently while trying to read.....mess around on the computer/internet too much and lose reading time....fall asleep some more....not put away laundry....not clean my room....miss a lot of shows I want to watch because I'll be falling asleep...

Hey, I know how to be realistic!

I've been reading Anything But Typical to a fifth grade class at my library. We, as a group, are not done with the book yet, but I read the rest of the book on Friday Morning. It's a very good book, which gives a lot of insight on what it might feel like to be autistic. I recommend it - Yound adult/middle grade level by Nora Baskin. Our school bought this book through the Junior Library Guild, a great resource for books that interest tweens and children, as well as teenagers. We've received some very interesting books from them, some that I'm going to use for my Young Adult reading challenge. Review coming soon for this book.

Just finished reading 20 minutes ago (okay, 3:00 a.m.) by Carolyn Crane is Mind Games - one of the best debut books I've read this year. I do have to say that most of the debut books I've read this year I've enjoyed very much, except for one that I couldn't finish. I've been lucky enough to get a hold of some very, very good books. Review coming soon.

The book that I'm going to start very soon (when I get up-don't have to work this Monday!) is Daniel X Watch the Skies written by James Patterson (who has a very interesting website set up) and Ned Rust. I didn't find much out about Ned Rust. He doesn't seem to have his own website, and the sites with his name mentioned didn't have a lot of information on him. But click on the cover, and you will get to an excerpt of two chapters for preview. Daniel X is a young adult novel that was released in 2009. It's also a mystery book, as in it's a mystery how I ended up with it, but I'm happy to have it, and then pass on to my school library (if it's appropriate, of course)


  1. Oooh.. looking forward to what you think of Daniel X! Have a good week ahead!

  2. Anything But Typical sounds like a book I will like too. I think it is cool you are reading this with you fifth graders. Haven't read Daniel X, but I do like Patterson, so I will be checking back to see how you liked it. Have a great week

  3. Spring Break is fantastic! I hope you have time to enjoy many reads!

  4. Mind Games sounds like it may be one to pick up! Can't wait for the review!

    Have a fabulous Spring Break and wonderful reading!

  5. Yes, anything but typical appeals to me.
    I'm impressed with all you have read. XD