Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Page - take a look

I'm still not feeling that great. I think I had walking pneumonia, but now I'm on a strong antibiotic (my second in the last month), prednisone, and two inhalers now. Still coughing, still having a hard time making the coughs productive (ugh, gross!!!!), still short of breath when I move, but I actually feel a teeny bit better. So I think this will work. I'm telling myself I am getting better.

I'm still not up to reading a lot, or posting, or even entering book contests (that's my favorite thing to do! but I have no will to do so), so my lurking on blogs and posting on mine will be sporadic. More sporadic than usual. Maybe soon I'll be more up to it. In the meantime, I'll be taking my medicine, trying to read and rest so I can have some books to post about.

I figured out how to use the new page function on blogger, so I put up a page of books that I'm giving away. GIVING AWAY - not contest, not for money, just giving someone else a chance to read the book. As I explain on the other page (titled "Who Wants It") I'm springing for postage, unless someone wants more than one book. Then I'm open to sharing postage costs, by having postage stamps mailed to me to use. And, first come first served. So take a look, there's quite a variety of books listed, with some descriptions after each book. A few even have a rant attached. Sometimes I must rant.


  1. I do hope you recover soon, Mardel. It's a shame not be able to read as much as you wish - or breathe freely, for that matter!

  2. Cool idea! I'll keep look out for books that I want to read. Feel better soon!

  3. I hope I recover soon, also. This has gone on way too long. I've been trying to go to work through it all, and it's been tough, but who can take days at a time off?

    I'm hoping this newer medicine will do the trick. The fact that I was a smoker years ago is coming back to haunt me. And they say that if you quit, it benefits your health. Man, if I handn't quit, would I be dead now? ugggh!

    Thanks everyone, I am trying to keep a positive outlook. I'm getting better soon!