Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Book

I received this book in the mail today. Struts and Frets by Jon Skovron. I remember enterting a contest for this book a while ago, quite awhile ago. But I can't remember whose Blog I entered from. I usually get an e-mail telling me if I've won a book, but I don't remember getting an e-mail for this. I think I should start worrying about my memory. OR, I didn't get an e-mail and I used one of those forms where you put your snail mail address when you enter the contest. I wish I could remember where I entered though. It's going to bug me. I like to send a thank you e=mail (when I remember too) to let the contest host know I received the book and thanking them for the contest win, but in this case I can't because ....I don't remember.
I am looking forward to reading this book however, and since it is a YA novel, I get to use it for one of my challenges (woohoo!) And it's always exciting to come home from work, dragging my weary bones (really, they are very weary) up the walk, in through the door to see a book package. Sweet. Almost takes the weary away.
A lot of the time, when I read a YA book I donate it to the library where I work. I can't with this one though, because of the language and some of the content ( I skimmed a few pages here and there). I don't like censorship, but I do have to be careful what types of books I put in, since we have young children and the oldest student we have is 14. I do have a separate section for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that I keep the books they would be more interested in. It's a small section, but growing book by book. (It could grow more, with donations....hint, hint *g*) {no pressure.....}
That's all I have for now

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