Sunday, February 21, 2010

evil e-mail and so much for reading

I had plans to finish reading Tempest Rising, and go on to the next League of Reluctant Adults author book, (not sure which one, though - maybe Anton Strout).

then I check my e-mail and looked at the number of unread e-mails in my box. over 10,000. I made the mistake of going page by page, to delete e-mails, and to make sure I save the "important" ones. Hah! I don't really have extremely important e-mails, just (hey you won this, or e-mails from family). Before I knew it, it was past 2 in the morning. (now it's 3 a.m.). I can't seem to step away from the computer. I don't feel good, (better than last week though, really), I'm tired, my arms ache and I want to finish my book.

Thus this mini-whine-fest. I am making a vow to clear at least four pages of e-mails every day. Tonight I got my inbox down from 11,000 (approx) to 7,000. That's a lot of e-mails. I don't know why I just don't clear them as I read them. Pure laziness, or disorganization I guess. Starting tomorrow, I will clear all the day's e-mails along with a few extra until I get the inbox down to zero - or at least less than 25! It's just rediculous to save them. I'm not going to re-read them! Crazy.

Goals for tomorrow include a walk (for my health) and relaxing with the rest of Tempest Rising. No housework (which I rarely do anyway because of physical limitations- the silver lining to my clouds), no t.v. - just reading. Maybe no computer either.....nyah! I have to serve my cafe-world meals, and harvest my farmville crops!


  1. 10,000 unread e-mails? That's a lot of kilobytes.

  2. yeah it is - right now it's down to 5,800. I've been lazy the last year. it's through Yahoo, so it's not slowing down my computer, but i wonder if that sort of thing affects the e-mail service thingamajigs - servers. So I've gotten rid of about 5,000 since last evening. No wonder I was at the computer so long!