Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it's a hot one and my abused TBR pile

Yesterday was such a nice pleasant day. It wasn't too warm, it wasn't cold. But today? it's currently 715 in the evening and it is still 89 degrees! I think it got up to 100 degrees today. Have I ever mentioned I hate hot weather? cause I do. I think I could exist happily in an area that stays between 40 and 65 degrees. This kind of weather makes me so pissed off, unreasonably so. I couldn't do anything, but lay on my bed in a stupor, trying to read. No energy, no willpower. Tomorrow won't be much cooler. At least it's supposed to get down into the 50's tonight, although I don't see any fog coming in to help with that. It never fails in this area though. Just about time to go back to school/work and the summer, which has been mild, just heats up. It'll probably go back and forth like this til October. Does it every year, and every year people say, "I can't believe it's the end of September and still so hot!" Every year.

While I was in a stupor on my bed, my granddaughter was again sorting through my books. This is what I found when I got up.

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