Saturday, August 15, 2009


Here you are Rebecca. I was thinking of you when I decided to do this post.

I became - okay, I always have loved Barbies. Not all the Barbies, but special Barbies. When I was finally able to buy some for myself (as opposed to my daughter) I started getting some from the Princesses of the World collection. At the time they were going for $19.99 at Target, then went up to $24.99 by the time I bought my last Barbie. Unfortunately by the time the last 2 Barbies were released, I was already off work due to an injury and couldn't afford to get them. I'm missing the Korean, and another I can't remember. They are still putting out Barbies like this, but it seems they have started a different line, and these are expensive.

One of my favorite Barbies is this one. Princess of South Africa. (I wonder if they really have princesses in Nigeria) What I like about it is she doesn't have "Barbie hair" as in white girl barbie hair. This is the first time (in about 10 years) that I took her out of the box. I felt her hair and it almost feels like real kinky hair. Another think I love is the neck rings. Love those. And her ankle rings, and her walking stick, and her earrings and her dress pattern....She is one of my favorite Barbies. I think they did a fairly good job (for a Barbie) of making her look African.
What I would love to see, since South Africa is just ONE country of Africa, is other African countries represented in a doll of the world collection, such as Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Eritrea...etc. There are many countries in Africa. The only other African country that I can think of that Mattel has a Barbie for is Egypt.
I'll post one of these everyonce in a while, but I don't think I have all of them unpacked yet; the unpacked boxes are up high in the garage. (I hate moving, it takes so long to recover....)

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  1. This is great! I like the Barbie collections dolls. Thanks for sharing!